Don’s Plan For Government Shutdown


Given that – The National Debt is at $20 trillion US Dollars and rising.

Given that – The US Congress is primarily responsible for the finances of the Nation.

Therefore – The following plan is proposed for all government  shutdowns.

  • Active duty and reserve military shall not in any way be penalized by the shutdown. All active duty and reserve military shall retain funding, as will all necessary support personnel directly involved in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of all military units.
    In addition, since the government is “shutdown”, the US will presumably be in a more venerable position relative to national security. Therefore active duty military and reserve personnel will be eligible for an increase in pay as negotiated by the newly reconstituted US Congress following shutdown.
  • Salaries of all US Representatives and Senators shall be reduced to 59% of that salary received on the day prior to the shutdown (59% is close enough to the magical 60% vote threshold we hear so much about.)
  • Congressional staff shall be reduced to one and only one junior level administrative assistant – someone to answer phones.
  • All internet services to the US Capital shall be terminated.
  • There shall be no government funded congressional publications produced during the shutdown period.
  • Government funded Congressional transportation of all kinds shall be terminated for the termination of the shutdown. Travel at the members personal expense shall be allowed.
  • Any and all Congressional per-diem shall be terminated for the duration of the shutdown. 
  • There shall be absolutely no future reimbursement for loss of salaries or benefits incurred during the shutdown.
  • Redistribution of  income from rich congressional members to those less fortunate shall be encouraged to balance out  “Income Inequality”  among the members.

Given that Civil Service agencies are responsible for the expenditure of the majority of tax-payer funds,  the following Civil Service “streamlining” shall be done:

  • For the duration of the shutdown, there shall be a 20% reduction in the top three levels of Civil Service, skewed heavily towards management positions.  . 
  • Post shutdown, Civil Service shall be restructured to achieve a  20% reduction in the head count in the top three levels, skewed heavily towards management positions. 

Note that this is a bi-partisan plan.

The Judicial Branch is not to be affected by this plan.

The Executive Branch, typically being the originator of budgets will be addressed via a separate plan. 

Don Johnson – January 2018


The Koreas –

Note:   The following is an excerpt from a book I am currently working on and expect to publish in the coming months.
The theme of the book will be “the facets of liberty”
Keep an eye out for it.


The Korean peninsula provides a dramatic and clear illustration of the consequences of tyranny, and the contrasts between liberty and tyranny. As the satellite photo above shows, nights in North Korea are probably cold and miserable for most North Korean citizens, especially amid very cold winters. Couple this with a severe shortage of food and a government that uses food shortage as a weapon, and you see the worst form of oppression.

This contrast is a recent phenomenon. Both nations arose out of World war II in roughly the same economic and cultural conditions, with the North becoming essentially a client of the Soviet Union (socialism), and the South becoming a client of the United States (free market capitalist). Both however were previously a colony of Imperial Japan.

Eventually, and following the very brutal Korean War from 1950-53, the South came out of years of autocratic rule and developed a constitutional government and a free market capitalist economy which today is a worldwide economic powerhouse. In the United States, we can walk through any typical parking lot, or just watch the cars on the streets and highways, and before long you will see the familiar Kia’s and Hyundai’s. We reach in our pocket to pull out our smart phone, and chances are it will be a Samsung or LG. Same with the appliances in our kitchens and laundry rooms – South Korean Samsung. Shipbuilding and steel are also mainstays of the South Korean economy.

In North Korea, military products, mining, metallurgy, textiles and food processing provide the bulk of the economic engine, what little there is of it — and it seems the North has trouble growing an ear of corn for its badly underfed population.

There are many chilling economic statistics that highlight the disparity between North and South Korea. Gross Domestic Product (per capita) shows the North at $1,800 while in the South it is $32,400.

But the cost in individual human lives shows up in the disparity of physical characteristics of the Korean citizens:

Several reports have attempted to provide evidence on this matter. Pak (2004a) compared the heights and weights of North Korean defectors with South Korean heights and found a height gap of 5·9 and 6·6 cm for male and female young adults, respectively. Moreover, 20to 50-year-old North Korean female refugees were found to weigh 51–55 kg (Pak, 2004b). The South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 20- to 39-year-old North Korean refugees seem to be 7 cm shorter than the average South Korean (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2006). According to South Korean officials, North Korean children lag 10–15 cm behind their South Korean counterparts in terms of stature (Yonhapnews, 2006). However, all these reports are based on North Korean refugees measured in South Korea.


The few reports from escaping North Koreans would seem to confirm these numbers. We see increasing reports of fishing boats drifting on to the shores of Japan – many with the dead bodies of North Korean fishermen. We read of the North Korean soldier who escaped to the south but was shot by the border guards of the North. And we read of his malnourished body and a digestive tract infested with parasitic worms.

Returning to the satellite image above, it is instructive to recall that in the early 1930s under Joseph Stalin, a pogrom of deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian populace resulted in the deaths of from 7 million to 10 million innocent lives. But with a lack of satellite surveillance back then it was impossible to even surmise what might have been happening there. With North Korea, we can more reliably connect the dots to a line of great tragedy.

Yes, there is a great cost associated with the lack of liberty – paid for by the weakest among us. And with the juxtaposition of these two nations, that for centuries were one and the same, we can see both the cost and the value sides of that coin called liberty.


Commentary by Dennis Prager


Read and weep?

An excerpt …

“ … In America, there is an epidemic of children who no longer talk [to] one or both of their parents. In a few cases, this is warranted. But in most cases, adult children are inflicting terrible, unfair pain upon their parent. This is one of a myriad of examples where believing in a God-based text is transformative. Secular callers tell me that they hardly need the Ten Commandments to desist from murdering anyone. That may well be true. But apparently, a lot of people could use the Ten Commandments to avoid inflicting terrible pain on (admittedly, flawed) parents. … “

Don Johnson – January 2018


And yet more information on hearing.

Those reading my posts often read of the marvel of the hearing experience. And yes … you guessed it – here is another interesting article. Much of my motivation in sharing these articles is due to the continuing deterioration of my own hearing. But much of my motivation is simply the fascination of learning about such a wonderful system that has been designed and engineered into our bodies.  So let’s delve into this article which shows the Intelligent Design of our hearing experience.

An excerpt from the article —



The Drum Major

Meet Daple, a protein in the inner ear. Those of us whose ears work properly can thank Daple for doing a good job when we were developing in the womb. Deep inside the cochlea of our inner ear, the robot-like Daple was guiding the construction of hair cell bundles, those important antennas that pick up fluid motions and transduce them into electrical impulses in the auditory nerve. Arranged like organ pipes, each hair cell bundle must line up properly to function. The individual hair cells have an assistant protein that puts them in their correct relative position, and another set of proteins controls the axis they need to line up on, but what brings these two functions together?

Until now, scientists did not know how these independent processes were coordinated. We can imagine the confusion of a marching band at half time without a drum major. Who directs the trumpets to go left and the tubas to go right? Who signals when things need to happen? The drum major has been found, a new paper reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), and its name is — you guessed it — Daple. News from the Jackson Laboratory explains, how the band “concert” ends up playing on schedule and in tune:


There’s more in the article, and I invite you to read it.

Thanks to the VA, I have what I think is the top of the line in hearing aides and accessories to help me navigate through life’s noises, sounds and conversations. But I can tell you these gadgets are a far cry from the “original equipment.”

For example, I now have a small microphone that I can place on a table and it picks up sounds very well, and voices quite nicely. This is great for one-on-one conversations and watching TV, and a big improvement. But when there are several or more  people talking and multiple conversations, or with the TV on, all those sounds are jammed into that single microphone and transmitted to my hearing aids.  It becomes very difficult to pick up individual conversations in such a scenario, and it is work to try to do so, and it sounds like everyone is in a steel drum. So in these circumstances I soon give up trying and tune out or leave the room.

Part of the wonder of natural hearing is the ability of the natural hearing system to separate out all of these competing sounds into a pleasing pallet of sound – even that bird singing in the background outside. And I do remember those days.

I know many of you reading this have been indoctrinated for years with the idea that all this is due to Darwinian evolution – natural selection over eons of time. I might suggest to you that it is well past time to abandon such thinking. A good place to start on such a journey is with your own body and body parts, as in the article. Darwin was wrong, and so are today’s “smartest in the world” such as a Richard Dawkins. Unfortunately,   those such as Dawkins have a strangle hold in the academic world and don’t allow alternative views to enter the minds of students, or any teaching contrary to the accepted dogma.

On the other hand, those actually involved in research and development in the world of biology (as opposed to teaching) seem to be working in an environment which ignores Darwinian Evolution and embraces Intelligent Design. Much of medical research shows a design and engineering approach to the mysteries of the body.

What say you?

Don Johnson – January 2018

How High Is Your Moral Bar?

A lot has happened in the year since I wrote this … not much very good.
President Trump may be having trouble draining the swamp, but he has sure exposed the fact of there being a swamp.
Will we continue along these destructive paths, or can we return/turn to the best moral code ever — The 10 Commandments.

A Yearning for Publius


For the die hard liberal/progressive Democrat left there are two moral bars at play – two bars that define what is morally acceptable in the culture and in political candidates.

The first bar is that which is acceptable behavior to the political Democrat left and to much of the American media.

That bar is very low and rapidly approaching ground level. Currently that bar is so low as to require – by government decree – that boys be allowed to use the girls rest rooms and locker rooms. President Barack Obama through his Department of Justice is in the process of redefining what people have known and accepted for millennia – that boys are different than girls and appropriate accommodations to these differences are made in the form, for example, of separate locker rooms, showers and restrooms.

That the state of North Carolina felt it necessary to codify into…

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Happy First Day of Advent

Blackrock Church — Fairfield CT


Which is design and which is evolution?

A Yearning for Publius

Continuing an exploration into the controversy in the scientific community over Evolution/Intelligent Design/Creationism, I continually come across interesting articles and information concerning design in nature – in particular, design in living things … and in this article I highlight a few that have caught my attention recently.

The Urea CycleLNG Ship

One of the above images is man made and the other from nature – click on each for more information.

Now the hardened Evolutionary Biologist – people such as Jerry Coyne (former Evolutionary Biologist, now Professional Atheist) and Richard Dawkins (former Evolutionary Biologist, now Professional Atheist) , as well as the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) insist there is no controversy. They insist that the Darwinian evolutionary view is settled science and that Intelligent Design and/or Creation is nothing more than pseudo-science and religions superstition and bunk (and other more vulgar descriptions I prefer not to repeat here).

I grant that this…

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