Why I Write

Publius? … you’re yearning for … publius?  Who the hell is publius?

Yes Publius!  I’m yearning for some clear headed thinking such as was demonstrated by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay in writing the Federalist Papers; a magnificent defense and critique of  the Constitution they had just helped create. You see, this Constitution was unique in world history at the time, and in subsequent years formed the foundational contract and standard for what became the greatest source for good of any civilization ever to grace this planet.

Publius! The pseudonym taken on by three great American patriots; Hamilton, Madison and Jay.

I’ve named this work in honor of “Publius”, who did so much in assuring that I, their posterity, and hopefully my posterity, would have the privilege, honor and responsibility of living under so great a legal and social contract as the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, I yearn for such clear thinking in my time.

  • I write because it is important for me to state my positions as clearly as I can on the great issues of my time; from religion to politics and much in between.
  • I write because it is my hope that those close to me; my children, grandchildren and all who follow me will have a record of who I was and where I stood on the great issues of my time.
  • I write to leave a lasting legacy of the person I was.
  • I write in the hopes of influencing someone in a positive way.
  • I write because this is who I am, and this is who I wish to be remembered as.
  • In the Old Testament book of Joshua (Chapters 3&4), there is a description of the Israelites crossing the Jordan river as it dried up before them. Mind you, at this time of year the river was at flood stage, and yet they crossed over on dry land. As a memorial to that event and what God had done for them, Joshua commanded the people to make a memorial  of stones.
    Yet we see later in the book of Judges (Chapter 2) that following the death of Joshua and his generation that “After them another generation rose up who did not know the Lord or the works He had done for Israel.”
    I do not want to come up short in leaving a remembrance of my generation.

It is here that I lay out as much of me on the table as I dare, risking that I will offend and alienate, but laying out the truth as I have come to know it. Risking that I may be hurt, and will cause hurt.  I do this because I have come to know that truth is vitally important, and that it can be found.

Most of the essays here reflect reactions to the madness I see in our culture and politics. You may not agree with what I write, but I hide very little and give you ample opportunity to see my world view. I seek not to impose this world view, but try to imitate Jesus, who being a gentleman, stands quietly at the door knocking.

Publius sought truth and to a large degree found it and passed it on to the rest of us.

Were they perfect in this and did they create the perfect constitution, the perfect nation or the perfect government?  Were they themselves perfect? No, and again No. But they found truth that would guide a nation on the God given principle of the value and worth of the individual man; value and worth that demands he be free from the tyranny of kings, dictators and tyrants of all sorts that would enslave him, be it be political or religious or any other form of enslavement.


So this is me, the son of an immigrant TV repairman.

Born and raised in Butte Montana.

My father Bjarne Mydland was a Norwegian immigrant who came to America in 1929 as a young man about 19 years of age. He worked for a number of years as a butcher and handyman at Hansen’s Packing, a meat packing plant in Butte Montana. Most of the years I knew him he was the owner of The Electric Center, and a TV repairman known to be the best and most honest in town.

My mother Greta Hedin was the daughter of Swedish immigrants. Her father died from the “Miners Con” when mom was 12 years old, and being the oldest of the girls in the family (there was an older brother Elmer) it fell on her and her twin sister to raise the family while grandma eked out a living as best she could by swamping bars, raising pigs and making moonshine. These were the depression years.

I married Diana Lingley, also from Butte when we were just teenagers and we have two children: Don and JoAnne: and three grandchildren: Jake, Scott and Riley. We now live in New England, but spent most of our adult life in San Diego and Ridgecrest CA.
I retired from a long career in software development, mostly with Cubic Corp where I was part of the team which developed the Top Gun fighter pilot training system.

I have also written my life story which you can obtain by clicking here at My Life Story