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Science denialism poses a serious threat to human health and the long-term sustainability of human civilization. — Oh Really?

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The first sentence (below) in this abstract from a supposed science organization sends cold chills up my spine. It reads as follows, click on the sentence to read the complete abstract.  

“Science denialism poses a serious threat to human health and the long-term sustainability of human civilization. …”

This takes me back to 2009 shortly after my wife and I moved from the west coast to the east coast. We were back in California visiting friends and were visiting over breakfast one morning with friends from 40+ years back. In reminiscing over the past year apart, I mentioned to Roger that I had attended a couple of Tea Party events recently.  This set Roger off, and he proceeded to tell me that he considered the Tea Party to be a “terrorist” organization, and in fact he had written to the Department of Homeland Security recommending to them that they add Tea Party to the list of “terrorist’ organizations. I dismissed this at first as just some of Roger’s boisterous liberal ranting which we was wont to do “Bill Gates is the Devil Incarnate and Microsoft is the Evil Empire”  was one of his talking points back then.

But as this conversation churned in me over the time that followed, it really began to bother me.

The Tea Party – me – terrorists? I remembered the four high jacked airliners slamming into those buildings in in New York City and into the Pentagon. I remembered seeing the pictures and videos of people falling and jumping from great heights. I remember seeing the beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl. But the Tea Party – Me? I know terrorism when I see it, and I know terrorists when I see what they do. I am not a terrorist nor is/was the Tea Party.

But the damage was done. Roger would not back down, retract or apologize for what by then I considered to be outlandish and slanderous talk. A good friendship of 40 years was shattered on the rocks of vicious name calling and vilification.

Then I started to notice that Roger was not alone in this slander. Other notable high ranking governmental officials, news and entertainment personalities began with the same line of talk. I’ve documented this on earlier blog posts such as and elsewhere so I won’t revisit at this point.

And by now in 2016/2017 of course it has gotten much worse. That’s why I am alarmed at this article from ScienceDirect with the accusation that people like me are “ … a threat to human health and the long-term sustainability of human civilization.”  Good grief, now I’m not just a terrorist, but one who will bring down all of human civilization?

I chose the picture at the top of this post as a form of my own name calling. And the name calling I chose to use as a counter to the mind set and world view presented by this corrupted view of science as espoused by ScienceDirect is Book Burning. Book Burning as practiced under German Nazism was very direct – physically confiscate those books you disagree with and burn them in a very public manner.  Today’s Book Burning is accomplished to a large degree by the strangle hold that Atheistic/Materialists hold over academia and the popular science reporting media, in particular the so-called “science” of Evolutionary Biology and now the dooms-day science called Climate Science.  

There is much controversy over Evolution and its role in the origin, development and sustainment of life on our planet – in spite of what you may read or hear in the popular media. And there is little scientific evidence that random mutations and natural selection had or have a part in this wonderful thing we call life.  Oh you may hear of the “mountain of evidence” supporting the evolution “just so” stories, but you will find that improbable mountain described by such as Richard Dawkins to be made of Papier-mâché, French for “chewed paper.”  

And if you want to experience some of the worst name calling and vilification, try countering the evolution only mind set in places like the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). I’ve been there offering counters to their world view with evidences from a different perspective – that of Intelligent Design. The push back to me was brutal, but very seldom backed with evidence or any reasoned argument – but much vile name calling.

On a final note I again revisit those times beginning in 2009. I saw and read the blossoming of name calling and vilification emanating from the political and cultural left against the Conservative Christian world view, and I greatly feared what my grandchildren may come to believe about their grandfather. So I began blogging in earnest in hopes of leaving a written record of who I was and what I believed. Has it been successful? Much to early to tell, though I can tell you that my oldest grandson has delved into my blog and I see some signs of him perhaps understanding where I am coming from. He has found himself taking perhaps an unexpected and unwanted in-depth lesson in that cruel and harsh world called the “school of hard knocks” and he seems to have graduated from there – and perhaps I’ve been able to contribute to that graduation. 

So in closing, I recommend that when you read such articles having a “scientific” veneer, do some serious research and thinking of your own and come to your own conclusion. I’m not asking you to be a scientist, I’m asking you to separate the science from the propaganda.


Don Johnson – June 2017


Election 2016: The Possibilities are Bizarre and Frightening

We are less that a year out, and the first voters are set to cast votes in the soon coming party primaries. The polls continue to come hot and heavy and if they are even somewhat accurate then I dread some of the very likely possibilities:

On the Democrat side …


Hillary Clinton, the front runner and widely assumed Presidential candidate for the Presidential election is facing possible prosecution and imprisonment for multiple counts of felony mishandling of national security data — yet she has wide but diminishing support among core Democrat voters.


Bernie Sanders comes out of relative obscurity as an Independent/Democrat Senator who is a self described Socialist. It seems that Socialism and Sanders are gathering increasing strength — Consider:

In the Washington Post (“The Fix”, January 17), Aaron Blake reports the following polling results:

  • 43% of likely participants in the Iowa caucus identify as “socialists” compared to only 38% as “capitalists” in a January Selzer poll.
  • 47% of all American voters are willing to vote socialist in a June Gallup poll; 59% among Democrats.
  • 56% of Democratic voters had a positive view of socialism in a November NYT/CBS poll; 49% considered themselves “anti-Wall Street.”

Blake concludes that “this number proves Bernie Sanders can win Iowa.”

An article from Fortune Magazine reports that

“ … Sanders’ new programs would cost $18 trillion in taxpayer money over ten years, which would increase federal spending by around a third. That includes an estimated $15 trillion in healthcare costs, $1.2 trillion in social security, and $319 billion in paid leave funds. … “

This coupled with the current US debt approaching $20 trillion dollars is a frightful prospect. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen has  said on many occasions that the most serious national security issue facing America is the National Debt. And yet many Americans appear willing to vote in this looming national disaster — not only for themselves, but many future American generations to come.

As I am writing this I came across several articles concerning the National Debt and the rise once more of socialism. I encourage you to read the articles, but a few snippets will illustrate the problems of debt in Brazil and elsewhere.

Brazil Losing the Battle to Debt – Update

“ … Latin America’s largest economy ended last year with a budget deficit equal to 10.34% of gross domestic product, the bank said, the widest level in at least 13 years, including the 6.05% in 2014. The country’s debt is also expanding at a rapid pace, putting the country on a hazardous path, economists say.

Brazil’s fiscal profile worsened sharply last year despite deep budget cuts and repeated promises by President Dilma Rousseff’s administration to improve government finances, promises she was unable to fulfill.

“What is being done to keep the debt from getting to a point where it can’t be paid?” asked economist Armando Castelar of the Ibre think tank in Rio de Janeiro. “There are no signs of change. … ”

The second article is by Peggy Noonan with the title “Socialism Gets a Second Life” (pay walled)  Here are some snippets from Noonan:

“ … And Mr. Sanders makes it sound so easy. We’re rich, he says; we can do this with a few taxes. It is soft Marxism. And it’s not socialism now, it’s “democratic socialism” like they have in Europe. You’ve been to Europe. Aside from its refugee crisis and some EU problems, it’s a great place—a big welfare state that’s wealthy! The French take three-hour lunches. … “

“ … Socialism is an old idea to you if you’re over 50 but a nice new idea if you’re 25.

Do you know what’s old if you’re 25? The free-market capitalist system that drove us into a ditch. … “

What’s left out of Sander’s analysis is the destructive role often played by the very government he advocates more of. The economic melt down of 2008-2009 being a recent example young and old have experienced. If you dig a little (I did) you will find the Government sponsored Community  Reinvestment Act (CRA) to be the root cause of that economic disaster … not the bankers and billionaires.

The Clinton legal problems. The publically released evidence of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified e-mails, up to and including the very highest levels would indicate that the FBI will push for an indictment on multiple felony counts. However, such an action by the FBI would face the (hopefully minor) hurdle of the Obama Justice Department and a strong push back by the Democrat party to avoid the embarrassment and chaos resulting in having to endure the “trial of the century”  — in the midst of a presidential campaign.  

So what if the Justice Department (read Barack Obama) decides not to prosecute Clinton? What chaos would such a decision generate? What rebellion/revolution might ensue within the ranks of the Justice Department, and in the general society. Would the FBI go public with the evidence, along with mass resignations as some leaks indicate would happen? If such a decision is made to not prosecute in spite of an FBI gone rouge, will we finally see the unmistakable end to the Constitutional Republic of the United States and will we then descend into a one-party/one-man-rule dictatorship?

On the Republican side …

there are certainly more choices – more hats in the ring. But I will focus in on what today seems to be the two front runners – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.


Donald Trump, along with Bernie Sanders, is a direct backlash against what many see as the massive corruption and failures of the Federal Government, and in particular President Barack Hussein Obama.  Trump has masterfully capitalized on this backlash and his popularity and poll numbers have dominated for many months.

However, in my view, Trump is much the same as Obama but expressed in a very much contrasting fashion. Obama is smooth cool and collected in his demeanor and public persona whereas Trump is bombastic and confrontational.

Even with these outward personality differences, both come across as narcissistic, self-centered and egotistical. Both prefer the one-man-rule mode of governance at the expense of the long successful limited form of government, i.e the Constitutional federalist model —  “We the People … “  .

Our founders structured the Constitution, and therefore our government, with an implied “government can not and should not be trusted.”   This is seen in the separation of powers between three co-equal branches of government — Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Further separation of powers is between the Federal and State governments. And not least are the rights of individuals – you and I — as codified in the Bill 0f Rights. All this is the bedrock of protection against a tyrannical government.

This Constitutional structure is long lived, has been largely successful and has resulted in more freedom and opportunity for more people than any other form of government ever seen and tried down through history … including and especially socialism.

I see both men – Obama and Trump – as paying lip service to the Constitution, but operate on the principle of “my way or the highway”  … long the traditional form of governance throughout history.

Barack Obama has governed in such a way as to render Congress near powerless and irrelevant. This was seen early on by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others, — and we were warned by these watchmen on the wall.

But perhaps a Donald Trump could be even more dangerous and destructive. Why? Because Obama has opened a door that will be difficult to close, and someday one like Caesar, perhaps not Trump — but someone — will cross the Rubicon as Caesar did and  destroy the American Republic as Caesar destroyed the Roman Republic and usher in the era of Imperial America as Caesar ushered in the era of Imperial Rome. 
Are we ready for that? Do we care?



Ted Cruz. Of the front four I’ll go with the Texas Senator based on his record of Constitutional defense. Read the opinion piece below by John Hawkins for an excellent recommendation of Mr. Cruz … I echo that recommendation.  

Read Why John Hawkins and I am Endorsing Ted Cruz For President at:

Things to think about … things to ponder … things to worry about … things to guard against


Don Johnson – January 2016

The Senate’s Talent Infusion–A Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece

I’m revisiting a few of the essays I wrote over the past years – essays mainly about the rise of the Tea Party movement and why it resonated with me at the time, and still does. Today I will couple these essays of mine with one from Kimberly A. Strassel in the Wall Street Journal written a few days after the 2014 mid term elections.

First a snippet from one of my essays:

I am a Tea Party Patriot

This is my apologetic. I do not claim to speak for others in the movement, only for myself. However , I suspect that my story would resonate with many Tea Partiers.

  • · I expect honest and integrity  of my government; I am getting neither.
  • · I expect that my children and grandchildren, and generations beyond them, will have liberty and opportunity as I have had; and as my immigrant parents had, and generations of Americans before them.
  • · I expect that my generations debt to be minimal, and will not be passed on to future generations. Instead, my grandchildren will be burdened with less liberty and opportunity because other nations such as China and Japan will be controlling the purse strings, and thus the direction on the nation.
  • · I expect my leaders to understand, honor and preserve our nations foundational principles and our history. This American civilization has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world …  by far! We have been the shining city on the hill, the hope of the nations, and a refuge for generations fleeing oppression and seeking new opportunity, and liberty. I do not expect it to become just some other country in the world community.
  • · I expect the freedom to try and succeed, based on our own character, ambitions and dreams. Or to fail, and have the freedom to try again.
  • · I expect the freedom to buy and sell as the market and my pocket book allow. I do not expect wage, price or profit controls placed on me by my government.

Following are some links to essays I have written during the Obama era:

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And now the Wall Street Journal essay

The Senate is about to change in ways that go far beyond GOP control. Voters aren’t just sending a bumper crop of Republicans to Washington in January; they are sending an A-Team.

The obsession in the media this year has been so heavy on which states were in play that, the contenders themselves got short shrift. Even when the media begrudgingly acknowledged the Republican Party had chosen good candidates, it wasn’t a particularly deep compliment. The press measures GOP hopefuls on how many months they can go without burbling about rape.

This doesn’t give credit to voters, who on Tuesday elected one of the more solid and reformist freshman Senate classes in decades. Conservatives have been overhauling the GOP for years-replacing an older, lazier, spend-happy generation with Republicans who have run on policy change and principle. The tea-party wave sent 87 new Republicans to the House in 2010, churning over more than a third of the GOP caucus.

The pace has been slower in the Senate, though it too has seen a steady growth in reformers: Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Jeff Flake, Kelly Ayotte, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz. Up to now, their influence has been largely internal putting the older guard on notice and helping shift the Senate Republican caucus mostly in smarter directions. Harry Reid’s Senate lockdown hasn’t allowed for much more. But that’s about to change, as Republicans take the Senate reins, and as the reformers ranks swell with Tuesday’s victors.

It happens that most of the incoming Republican freshmen are experts in, and passionate about, the issues that are about to dominate Washington. The country hasn’t witnessed a real foreign-policy debate since at least 2004, but President Obama’s mishandling of ISIS has made it inevitable. Joining the fray will be folks like Arkansas’s Tom Cotton. The 37-year-old Harvard-educated, former Army platoon leader has in his few short House years positioned himself as a leading voice on foreign policy.

Add Iowa’s incoming senator, Joni Ernst, who served in Iraq and Kuwait, and who made her opponent’s votes to defund the Iraq war a prominent part of her campaign. In Alaska, Dan Sullivan, who looks to win that Senate race, ran on his military service and his time working on foreign policy for Condi Rice in the White House. The voices of these younger veterans are going to resonate in any coming debate over the president’s cuts to the Pentagon budget. Expect, too, an interesting new dynamic vis-a-vis the Rand Paul wing of the GOP.

On domestic issues, nowhere are Republicans better offensively positioned than on energy. Colorado’s new senator, Cory Gardner, won in part by pummeling his opponent on fracking and Keystone, and by highlighting energy legislation he’d authored in the House. Mr. Sullivan, the’ former head of Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, can and will talk all day about pipelines, drilling on more federal land, and energy regulations. Montana’s Steve Daines made a name for himself in the House with aggressive oversight of the EPA.

Washington is poised for a major battle over corporate or broader tax reform. Joining the fight will be Georgia’s new Senate voice, David Perdue, a successful businessman who made tax reform central to his campaign. Mr. Daines is a former businessman who loves the subject and helped rally opposition in the house to Internet taxation. North Carolina’s new senator, Thom Tillus, another businessman, has spent four years as speaker of the North Carolina House, where he shepherded a tax-code overhaul and budget reforms. These new senators are also likely to have prominent roles in upcoming budget and spending debates.

Nebraska’s Ben Sasse cruised to a Senate victory by 34 points, and he ran on a fully articulated plan for replacing ObamaCare.
He wasn’t shy either about calling for entitlement reform, welfare reform, immigration reform and election reform – and to explain his detailed policy thoughts on each of those topics. Expect to see him everywhere.

This new Republican bunch isn’t like the 2010-style firebrands; they are, for the most part, principled yet pragmatic. Think of them as the latest iteration of a grass-roots movement that has grown wiser about Washington realities. The voters deliberately chose these personalities over more, radical conservative voices in GOP primaries. Most of the senators-elect come to Washington with real mandates, having been elected in their home states with notable majorities.

A more dynamic Senate caucus meantime has the potential to lay the groundwork for, and give backing to, a reformist 2016 presidential candidate. Voters like to complain that Washington is too full of headline-seekers, empty suits and soulless political types. True. And voters on Tuesday did something about it; they elected some men and women of substance.

I read of Ms. Strassel’s  Republican A-Team and I’m encouraged …  encouraged for several reasons:
First –  are their qualifications, records and passions in the real world of America – the America of free-enterprise business and the creation of jobs and wealth … and  their experience based realizations of the huge cultural, social and economic problems the past eight years of Progressive one-party-rule has  imposed on this nation.
Secondly – is the voting publics strong repudiation of the one-party-rule of Barrack Hussein Obama and his fellow Progressives in the Democrat party.  This repudiation has manifested itself in several ways – in the large spread in the elections between D & R as shown in the WSJ piece – and in the fact that so many voters, as Mr. Obama laments, stayed home rather than coming out and voting for his policies.

The damage of the past six years has been great, but hopefully new leadership can begin to reverse the course of this ship of state and getting us back on a course respectful of our founding principles and past successes.

What is this damage I speak of? Let me address what I see as the top two:

Trust – Let me preface this by reminding all of us that government can not and should not be trusted … the very structure of our Constitution declares this. 
However, that is not to say that our elected and appointed civil servants, from the President on down, should not strive diligently to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The behavior of President Obama and his administration, as evidenced by the numerous wide and deep scandals having surfaced in recent years, have had a deeply eroding effect on the trust many Americans have in government. This erosion is seen overseas as well in growing distrust in American words and deeds.

Trust is the engine that leads the train. That engine will lead us on a well established American history as the “Shining City on a Hill” or that engine will lead us off the rails to a dead end side track – or worse – off the rails on a sharp curve of reckless economic and cultural malfeasance.

Debt –   Our national debt approaches 18 trillion dollars and continues on an upwards trajectory. This is one of the sharp curves I mentioned above that can quickly run a nation off the rails in one or both fashions:

Excessive debt robs the economy, and the government,  of wealth necessary to maintain legitimate public domestic responsibilities.

Excessive debt robs the nation of the capability to protect and defend our many strategic commitments on the world scene. When foreign nations control our nations purse strings in the form of owning large portions of our national debt they can, to a large and detrimental effect, control American foreign policy and our means to have a robust and effective foreign policy, let alone a robust and effective military presence.  Our ability to counter genocidal Iranian nuclear weapons is a case in point … when Iran obtains deliverable nuclear weapons (and with the help of Barack Obama she will) … and is poised to deliver them to Israel, will we have the capability to come to the aide of a long time and reliable ally … or will we wilt like the cut flower on a hot day?

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen has said on a number of occasions that he considers our excessive national debt to the the number one security threat to the United States. 

*   *   *   *   *

So I’m hopeful and perhaps naively optimistic that a fresh band of congressional leaders, along with a demonstrated new chief executive such as Scott Walker or Rick Perry, can turn the rudder of the ship of state in a direction away from the rocks and shoals.

The light houses are there to be seen if only we will see them and heed them: George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan  and others.

Don Johnson – November 2014  

James Madison on Barack Obama, Obamacare, Dodd Frank, and Foreign Policy

I recently received an e-mail from a friend talking about: the title of this post. I responded to Jack’s article thus:

Thanks Jack. Over the years I have studied the Federalist Papers and the folks who wrote them; in particular Hamilton. Yes indeed, they warned of the type of leaders we have today in the form of Barack Obama, and they wrote of how the Constitution was crafted to guard against such leaders. It would seem that few of the voting public learns of such men as Hamilton, Washington, Madison and others of that founding era.

(If another bust is put up on Mt. Rushmore, I would vote for Hamilton.)

Jack came back with:

Interesting, Don. I’d like to hear your case for Hamilton. I always distrusted him a bit as too much of an advocate for central government powers and taxation. He’s also the architect of the “sin tax” on whiskey that led to the Whiskey Rebellion. But maybe that is just my personal issue because I hail from Western Pennsylvania and enjoy a good snort every now and then.

And this is my response to Jack:

*  *  *  *

It’s been a number of years now since I read the great biography Hamilton by Ron Chernow – I actually read it twice. It was in this book that I discovered Hamilton, and a wealth of early American history; and though time has dimmed that discovery, there are some general themes that have stuck in my mind so let me see if I can recall some of them.

The man Hamilton came from humble beginnings as the bastard child of a father that abandoned the family when young Alexander was about 8 years old as I recall. But the young lad showed such worth and promise to the owner-manager of the sugar plantation in a mall Caribbean island that he sent the (by then teenager) to New York City for an education in hopes of him one day taking over the business.

Alexander arrived in NYC about the time of much agitation for independence and became involved in the rebel’s cause.

As the war began, Hamilton quickly came alongside General Washington, and as a young man (I think he was about 19 at the time) became one of Washington’s most trusted aides and advisors. Over the course of the war, Hamilton became Washington’s most trusted advisor.   So it impressed me that this man had the ear of the man many have called the indispensable man in American history.  Hamilton chaffed at being so closely tethered to Washington and longed to fight the battle on his own merits, but was rebuffed time and again by Washington. Eventually Washington relented and Hamilton was given his own military command and was a key participant in the final victory over the British general Cornwallis at Yorktown.

Following the war, Hamilton became somewhat of a successful business man, or lawyer, I can’t remember which, but kept his hand in the political world of the new nation as well.

When the Constitutional Convention convened in Philadelphia, Hamilton was there as a representative of New York. His contributions there were minimal as he was very much in a minority in that delegation and his efforts, ideas and votes were countered and marginalized by the other two NY delegates who had contrary opinions. His one speech of note left people with the impression that Hamilton favored a monarchial for of government, although I believe his subsequent work on the Federalist Papers and as Secretary of the Treasury belie that view of him though it tarnished his reputation in future years.

Similar to Madison who studied the rise and fall of republics throughout history, and came to the convention armed with much knowledge and history of various forms of political structures, Hamilton studied economic history and philosophy and came to the convention armed with much knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of  various economic schemes.

When George Washington was elected as the first president of the new nation he selected two prominent men to key positions in his administration; Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, and Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury. The two men came into the Washington administration to quite different effect; Hamilton came prepared on day 1 with ideas, plans and staff and set off to structure the American financial and economic landscape according to those ideas and plans. His work was deep and long-lasting, and included setting up of import-export tariff structures, starting up the Coast Guard and a series of costal lighthouses. Among Hamilton’s chief, and most controversial accomplishments was in tackling the massive debt accumulated during the war. This plan made him plenty of enemies, but settled the debt issue and established the faith and credit of the new nation among foreign nations. I’m going to have to revisit his plan someday; the details escape me now, but are worth looking into.

Another of Hamilton’s successes was to counter Jefferson’s fascination with and inclination to side with the French as opposed to the British in foreign affairs. Hamilton made the point that the new American nation was more naturally inclined toward the British in terms of culture, historical heritage, trade and economic structures.

Jefferson’s entry into the Washington administration was quite different; he was months late getting started and came ill prepared with little staff, few ideas and an inclination towards the French in foreign affairs.

Throughout President Washington’s two terms in office, he once more relied heavily on Hamilton as his key advisor as he had done during the war, and there was a fair amount of friction between Hamilton and Jefferson. Washington, more often than not, sided with Hamilton, even in questions of foreign affairs.

I came away from the Chernow book with a great deal of admiration for Hamilton, and a great deal of disappointment with Jefferson. As well, I came away with a greater understanding and appreciation of Washington, the war, the problems with the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation. I’m just glad the Washington listened to Hamilton and not Jefferson. I’m not anti-Jefferson; it’s just that during this period he doesn’t appear to have acquitted himself well at all.

I might also point out that Hamilton and Washington fought an 8 year war while suffering often times from an ineffectual, weak and unsupportive Continental Congress. They both learned firsthand the necessity of a strong, but limited, central government.

Along with the Chernow book, I’ve read the Federalist Papers and several books about the Federalist and came away with just an awesome respect for Hamilton and Madison and their grasp of the nature of man and the nature of government. Would that more people these days study these ideas and issues that plague mankind in all eras.

In more recent years I’ve read another history on Hamilton and Jefferson; Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth by Stephen F. Knott. This history is a story of the feud between Hamilton and Jefferson that has persisted to modern times. Quite an interesting read. Another good read by Knott is Rush to Judgment: George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and His Critics.

So there you have it. And thanks for prodding my memory, as dim as it is becoming.

An interesting aside to Jefferson and Hamilton: “We honor Jefferson,” columnist George Will once wryly observed, “but live in Hamilton’s country.”


Don Johnson – November 2013

Sewing The Seeds of Mistrust

“If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.” Barack Obama – June 7, 2013

President Obama is standing in the weeded field of his own doing, wondering why the seeds he placed in the planting season have now produced such an ugly harvest of distrust.

  • Fat Cat Bankers.
  • Millionaires and Billionaires. 
  • Corporate jet owners jetting to Las Vegas. 
  • Doctors needlessly amputating limbs.
  • Greedy and sinister insurance companies.
  • … clinging to their guns and religion.
  • Tea party terrorists.
  • Catholics must pay for abortifacients.
  • Latinos … punish your enemies.
  • If I had a son he would look like Travon.
  • No comment on the Gosnell case (never heard of it – look it up).
  • “God bless you” to Planned Parenthood. 
  • Never let a serious crisis go to waste.
  • Lavish and expensive vacations.
  • Siding with Mexico in a lawsuit against the State of Arizona.
  • Dropping a case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther party.
  • Intimidating Boeing in South Carolina.
  • “Shovel ready” stimulus funds for political friends.
  • Violating multiple self-aggrandizing “transparency” pledges.
  • Expanding the national debt to levels beyond that of all previous presidents … combined.
  • Benghazi … why the lies and cover-up?
  • In speaking of AIG … “they’ve got a bomb strapped to them and they’ve got their hand on the trigger. You don’t want them to blow up. But you’ve got to kind of talk them, ease that finger off the trigger.”
  • Solyndra and other “green energy” busts.
  • No budget for 4 years.
  • It’s Bush’s fault …
  • The Justice Department secretly investigates the Associated Press.
  • Justice Department’s surveillance of Fox News reporter James Rosen and his parents.
  • NSA seizes phone records of millions of telecom customers. 
  • The Fast & Furious gun running of guns to Mexican drug gangs.
  • NSA accessing data on Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other major internet sites. Most Americans are affected by this cyber attack.
  • Dividing America along so many lines; class, religion, race; like no one before him.
  • Betraying Martin Luther King’s dream of judging by the content of their character .. not on the color of their skin.
  •     . . .
  • And more …

You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor figs from thistles, are they? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit; but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:16–20)

Don Johnson – June 2013

I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited again

It’s been 2+ years since I wrote I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, one of my oldest essays. And it’s been 4+ years since Barak Obama’s infamous statement “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So where are we now as a nation? Where are we now as a culture?

This is where we are! We are in the midst of a swarm of scandals showing that Mr. Obama was serious in his statement, and now the nation, as well as he himself, is reaping the whirlwind of that proclamation and mindset.

So yes, I have reviewed my earlier remarks at I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, and find them pretty much on the mark; and my goodness don’t you know how I wish I had been wrong. But the stink is out of the closet and is infesting the entire house. And more and more are beginning to hold their noses with one hand and pointing to Mr. Obama with the other; he is indeed transforming America.

Don Johnson – May 2013

The IRS and the Tea Party

With the recent revelation that the IRS is targeting conservative groups such as the Tea Party and Glenn Beck, I feel compelled to resurrect my own writings on the subject, and include links to my essays below.

We see that the attacks on the Tea Party have elevated from political and campaign rhetoric as I have pointed out previously, to actual Federal Government  activity on the part of the Internal Revenue Service.

There have been admissions and apologies given, but you have to ask the questions … why was this targeting done in the first place, and why was it done during the 2012 political campaign season, and why was it acknowledged only after the election was concluded with the victory of Barack Obama? (Hint: yet another tool to steer the election.)

The IRS is one of many governmental agencies available to those in power, and perhaps the most effective in keeping dissenters under control  short of violence. Can other agency abuses be far behind; such as the department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department … and even the Defense Department?

To the best of my knowledge, Tea Party groups and Glenn Beck have never been involved in any illegal or terrorist activities, and I know of no arrests for any such activities … only hateful rhetoric aimed at concerned American citizens.

So the table was set at the highest levels, both in the government and the main stream media, to demonize these conservative Americans, with tacit permission given to target them using actual IRS weapons and providing deniability to those responsible at the top .

As tired and emotionally fatigued as I am of all of this nonsense, I still feel compelled to speak out

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Don Johnson – May 2013