If you’ve looked at my book list (a work in progress, by the way), you may notice a few things:
In the Creation/Evolution page you notice that it leans heavily towards the Creation side. Let me explain; The American cultural scene has been for quite some time now, heavily permeated and polluted with a fog of evolutionary thought. Magazines, school text books, news papers, movies, university campuses, TV programming; all have a significant bent towards the evolutionary world view. I grew up in this environment, and breathed in this world view on a regular basis. Creation, and more recently, “Intelligent Design“, are looked upon with scorn and ridicule in the popular culture. So it was, when at 36 years of age, I faced a dilemma with what I was now being told at church, and what I was reading in the Bible; namely that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth …”. Thus, I felt compelled to seek the truth and started to read creation literature, a great deal of it. I read books written by legitimate scientists, and soon discovered that there was indeed another view of science and the world that countered the Darwinian evolutionary view of  the universe we find ourselves living in. I encourage you to take the same journey.

Likewise with Christianity, you will notice my list is skewed towards an “apologetic” view of Christianity. I had little religious training in my youth, and when I came of age in the 60’s, fell in line with the anti-Christian world view that was prevalent in the culture. When I was confronted with a personal encounter with “God”, Jesus”, “Creation” etc. at the age of 36, my world view was knocked upside the head with a 4×4, and I needed to do some serious research to find the truth. My book list reflects a great deal of that search, and I encourage you to take such a journey yourself.


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