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Is what we’re witnessing in the US a slow-motion downhill slide into a coup?


Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other … “ John Adams.

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This article is in response to comments I made to a Facebook post referencing the article just below, and several responses to my comments (emphasis mine).


Me: Interesting that many of us thought the same of Barack Hussein Obama during the past 8 years

Response 1: The difference here, Don, is that President Obama was not mentally unstable and incapable of controlling his irresponsible impulses. Trump behaves like a petulant child and makes rash decisions without using the checks and balance resources in place to vet his decisions before acting on them. I have ideological differences with both political parties but I currently find myself leaning more to the left; however, my biggest issues with Trump are based on my serious belief that the man is a narcissistic bully and does not have the mental wherewithal and self control to not put this nation in extreme jeopardy on many fronts.

Response 2: Don, recognizing that a significant number of Americans were dissatisfied with the leadership of the Obama administration, I would be very interested in hearing how those feelings were the “same” as the feeling expressed in this particular article.

Me: I’d rather not get into a back and forth with family. Experience tells me that will most probably lead to unpleasant results.
However, I have written much on many topics — probably including this topic — over the years on my blog and I invite you to take a look at my thinking — the good, the bad and the ugly.
Go to and click starting with “WHY I WRITE” on the top menu, and then shop around using the CATEGORIES drop down.
Love you guys.

Response 3: We love you too Don.

Response 4: I think I may need more direction to find the blog articles that express concern about Obama having the desire and opportunity to bypass the democratic system and fundamentally change America’s system of government

Response 5: I see a lot of interesting topics. And read several, but they aren’t answering my question. And I am genuinely curious. The support for Trump is unfathomable to me, and yet I see that several people I care for (including you) seem to be not only unconcerned but actually excited about his administration. I would like to have a better understanding of it, without the inflammatory rhetoric that infects every news outlet and social media venue I’ve seen recently

Me: Thanks … you’ll forgive me I hope for being a bit gun shy. I’ve been called just about every name in the book over the years emanating fundamentally from my motivations in WHY I WRITE on my blog.
You’ve given me opportunity to review and reflect. I’ve written much, and I’ll try to put together a response, but it may not be “hot of the press” so relax and put your feet up. Perhaps you’ll see another essay trying to answer such a question as yours.
Thanks again

Response 6: That would be fantastic. Thank you!

And I completely understand gun shy. There are a lot more assumptions than questions going around these days.


My comments to the questions

Is what we’re witnessing in the US a slow-motion downhill slide into a coup?
This question posed at the link above is aimed at President Donald Trump. But from what I’ve seen since the election, and especially noticeable since the inauguration, if anything, would point that question directly back to the progressive left.

The failed electoral recount effort – the denouncement of the Constitutional Electoral College voting method – riots in the streets of Washington on inauguration day – demonstrations around the country – Congressional (Democrat) boycott of the inauguration – immediate congressional (Democrat) announcement of total resistance to Trump in the Congress – Soros funded(?) spontaneous demonstrations at airports –Soros manipulation(?) of some 56 abortion advocacy groups promoting the Women’s March – riots and shutdown of free speech at UC Berkley – the immediate calls for impeachment – assertions that the new President is mentally ill – accusations and insinuations that Trump is planning a coup – visual insinuation of assassination as on the cover of a recent Irish magazine … and more it seems daily.

I’ve lived through the 60s and remember the chaos then. I remember the hatred hurled against Ronald Reagan. I remember the hatred hurled against George W. Bush. Today’s chaos has the feeling of being much more sinister, and potentially more dangerous than those in the past, and gets me to the quote from John Adams, our second president.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other … “ John Adams.

What we have now, in addition to political chaos, is a frightening moral decline which I have witnessed over my lifetime. Prior to the 2016 election, and with both candidates, I felt we had indeed arrived at that time of which Adams (and others of his contemporaries) wrote – a time of an immoral and irreligious people. Are we as a people at such a place? I recently wrote of scraping the bottom of the barrel with both candidates and lamented the prospect of, for the first time in my electoral life, truly having to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I’m convinced had Hillary Clinton been elected, we would indeed have accelerated further down that path and the nation would suffer from her deep corruption. But Donald Trump is now President. Have we received a reprieve and course correction with his election? I hope so, and judging from the people he has surrounded himself with I have hope. But that hope is tempered, not only by the flaws of this man now our President, but by a nation and its people who, for example, have allowed our federal government to dictate and enforce a so called “gender fluidity” which obliterates known and obvious genetic, anatomical, biological and cultural differences between boys and girls – men and women. This cannot end well with this and future generations. It is this sort of law making and regulation dictates that renders our Constitution “wholly inadequate.”


I’ve written and posted some 550+ articles over the past decade, and it would be quite a daunting task to search through them in order to summarize and condense these thoughts in some meaningful and readable form. Thus what I have done below is to cherry pick some which might have bearing on the questions posed above. I ask the reader to read articles of interest and judge for yourself as to the applicability and validity of what I wrote at the time. In most cases you will probably find areas of agreement and disagreement, and areas where I’ve flat out got it wrong.  But don’t expect responses – I wrote what I wrote at the time, and I wrote what I believed at the time.

So here are some of those posts … have fun.

But before you go on, let me address the issue of mental health along with two of the serious problems that Barack Obama has left for this and future generations.

The first problem is the apparent green light given to Iran to develop deliverable nuclear weapons. This may not happen in the immediate future, but according to it’s many critics, the nuclear deal  will end some years out – 8 to 10 as I recall, at which time Iran is freed up to continue its now supposedly suspended  nuclear development. Iran as you may have noticed is busy right now in developing ballistic missiles on which at some point in the future will house nuclear weapons.

So let’s connect a few dots here – some very big dots,on the order of a full moon on a dark night.

First dot … Iran’s long standing threat to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth along with it’s millions of Jews. An attempted completion of Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

Second dot … Iran has been (an most probably still is) actively developing its nuclear weapons production capability.

Third dot … Iran is currently developing and testing its ballistic missile capability – as recently as a few days ago from when I wrote these words.

Dot connection (a logical conclusion) …  Nuclear armed missiles headed for the cities of Israel. 

Does allowing this to come to fruition on the part of the US and other Western nations  seem like a sane thing to do? I would rather describe it as insanity – and Donald Trump was not even involved in this, so who has the mental problems here?

The second problem is the so called “gender fluidity” that is the latest and last of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”  Under the bully pulpit advocacy of Obama, and actual legal actions requiring “gender fluid” sharing of restrooms and locker rooms, our federal government is attempting to rewrite biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and human culture from one end to the other – from children to marriage. This is called “science denial” and is at the expense of children, teenagers,  families and the very fabric of American cultural life.

In the context of the mental health of Presidents, this is insanity. 

As for being excited about the Trump administration, I would rather phrase it as hopeful. Yes the man is loud, insulting, crude and boisterous, even narcissistic (as is Barack Obama).

But from what I’ve seen recently of the man,  the picture I’m hopefully beginning to see that perhaps best illustrates my hope is the story of Image result for the thieves on the cross with jesus

the two thieves hanging on crosses along with Jesus.

Both began their time on the cross by mocking and blaspheming Him, as did many of the spectators, and both were guilty. One of the thieves responded in faith to the message of salvation and was taken to paradise that very day. He is the one usually referred to as the thief on the cross, while the other man did not respond in faith and is now suffering from a deadly and eternal mistake.

In the context of the transgressions of Donald Trump in this 2016 presidential election, and the continual bombardment of those transgressions, I am reminded that Donald Trump is the one on his cross who has acknowledged his transgressions and has apologized for them.  His enemies on their crosses continue with no repentance of their transgressions, and hypocritical mocking of the one on the other cross.

I haven’t seen any direct evidence, but I won’t be surprised if I later find out that the very flawed Donald Trump turns out to be a Born Again Christian. Many Biblical examples here such as David.

How high is your moral bar?

A good place to learn and reflect is at the Ten Commandments.

And speaking of excitement … yes I was excited when I saw Mike Spence being sworn in with his hand on the Bible at 2 Chronicles 7:14 —

”if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

This was a cause for hope.


So now finally I will turn you loose on my thinking.

Donald Trump
, along with Bernie Sanders, is a direct backlash against what many see as the massive corruption and failures of the Federal Government, and in particular President Barack Hussein Obama.  Trump has masterfully capitalized on this backlash and his popularity and poll numbers have dominated for many months.

However, in my view, Trump is much the same as Obama but expressed in a very much contrasting fashion. Obama is smooth cool and collected in his demeanor and public persona whereas Trump is bombastic and confrontational.

Even with these outward personality differences, both come across as narcissistic, self-centered and egotistical. Both prefer the one-man-rule mode of governance at the expense of the long successful limited form of government, i.e the Constitutional federalist model —  “We the People … “

As to Hillary and National Security

My warning of the possibility of dictatorship on the horizon.

Presidential honesty and integrity.

The following is a response I made to reader comment on the above post.

o Dear Lie,
There are a couple of ’emotions’ towards President Obama that I would plead guilty to, but hate is not one of them.

Very early in his presidency, I was talking with an old friend (a lifelong Democrat) about Obama and I told her that I fear him. I feared him at the time because I feared the harm and damage he might bring to the country and to future generations. I feared him because of his almost complete lack of experience in anything of consequence. I feared him because of his radical associations with such as Bill Ayers, a unrepentant radical member/founder of the group WEATHER UNDERGROUND who actually set off bombs in various places. Bill Ayers, that man who recently told a group of Marxist Wall Street Occupiers yesterday: “I Get Up Every Morning And Think… Today I’m Going To End Capitalism” I feared him because of his radical very close 20 year association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and then when questioned about Wright’s radical teachings, Obama abandoned him and claimed no knowledge of what Wright was teaching. There’s more … such as his upbringing by his very leftist mother and grandparents (perhaps Communists), and his association with Frank Marshall Davis, a no-kidding card carrying Communist. I don’t take such associations with Communists lightly – Communism is responsible for on the order of 100 million people in the 20th century, and the enslavement of many more. Little of this was reported by the main stream media, but was known by those who dug deeper – people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. So we elected a President with very little vetting by the media who instead largely fawned over the man.

These years later I see the actual harm and damage that I feared just 6 years prior. A very damaged economy with record numbers of capable people unable to find work (especially the young people) … record numbers of people on government dependency of some sort. I see a health care ‘reform’ law that is severely damaging the health care system as well as undermining the health care insurance industry. I see 6+ million insurance policy holders who were promised the ” … if you like your plan you can keep it. PERIOD.” ” … if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. PERIOD.” Some 6,000,000+ cancelation later we see that is not the case at all. We were promised an average $2,500 per capita reduction in health care costs and are now hearing of more and more cases of rates and deductible going up … some dramatically.

I see a nation divided along class and racial lines that I’ve not seen since the 1960s and 1970s and the days of Bill Ayers … and I see this division as a key element in a successful re-election campaign.

I see our status and influence in the world shrinking in what appears to be a collapse of our foreign policy … the region from Northwestern Africa to Pakistan is more explosive and dangerous than I can ever remember, and I see an alarming array of military (nuclear) power filling the vacuum left behind as America retreats from the region.

I still fear the man, but now these 6 years later that fear has also taken on the color of disgust … disgust at his record as president and disgust at his lack of character and integrity.

A few years back Glenn Beck published a book “Being George Washington” In this book, Beck emphasized the character and integrity of our first president, and implored us to find ways to emulate that character and integrity – ways that each of us can “be George Washington.” Is that to much to ask of one who seeks or holds that very same office?

So I plead “not guilty” to hate, but “guilty” to fear and disgust.

But I do thank you for your comments.

On why Presidential trust is vital.

On immigration and assimilation

Of related note:

Regarding Israel:

People and books that have influenced my thinking – an example (of many)

My views on American Exceptionalism – references yet another influential book

And here is that book.

My only comment (I think) about Bernie Sanders.

Best regards, and I do wish us all well.

Don Johnson – February 2017

Sam Jankovich–A Butte Kid Does Well

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_5838746a23c8d_imageSam's life 007

“ … I worked in the Leonard mine which was the turning point of my life. I was put in a tunnel and was scared to death. I thought for certain I would not get out alive. I came home and told Patty that if I had to work in the mine we were going to starve. … “

How did this young man, a hard rock miner from Butte Montana, rise from the depths of a mine tunnel to one day stand beside two Presidents and among two National Championship college football teams? From a dirty and dangerous mine to stand beside Heisman Trophy winner Vinny Testaverde and coaches of the caliber of Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson? How did this young man rise from that dark, cold mine shaft to become Chief executive Officer of the New England patriots? How did this man expand a football stadium in Pullman Washington from 24,000 to 39,000 seats – with no cost to the tax payer?

Sam Jankovich came to the surface of the Leonard mine and rose to the top of his chosen profession of athletics. From state championship teams in Butte — to assistant coaching at universities in Montana and Washington — to Athletic Director at Washington State and the University of Miami – to CEO of the Patriots. All along the way earning induction into the Halls of Fame of these institutions.

As the editor of Sam’s memoirs I learned the answers to these questions. Sentence by sentence – paragraph by paragraph – page by page – place to place. I found the answers in words like ‘character’, ‘loyalty’, ‘quality’ and ‘consistency’ bubbling up from the pages. I began to see the character of the man as golden threads woven through the fabric of his life and career. Part of the fabric and yet distinctly visible.

The story of Sam Jankovich is in these pages, but it is not a story of “I”. Rather, it seems subsumed and surrounded by the many stories of the “others” of Sam’s life. You will run across constantly recurring phrases as “… a wonderful man” “ … a wonderful person” “… a dear friend”, “a wonderful woman”

Sam Jankovich is one of the “old timers” I’ve become acquainted or reacquainted with in recent years. Others, along with their stories, have come to me from my US Navy past — some from that “Greatest Generation” of World War II, Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam. One of my Navy shipmates, and a friend, is a refugee from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and a three tour Vietnam veteran. Another is a Navy veteran of those many World War II sea-battles in the South Pacific — followed by infantry combat in that very brutal Korean War.

These folks who have lived such consequential lives, and have left behind recollections of their lives, deserve to be remembered. That is why I have become passionate in doing what I can to further those remembrances.

I hope you enjoy the story of one such consequential life – the life of Sam Jankovich.


(Click on the book cover below to find Sam)


Don Johnson – typoist and editor of Sam Jankovich

Headlights Against the Storm–The Finest Hours

Christmas for many is a sad and lonely time of year rather than a time of rejoicing. I offer up these thoughts in hopes that someone out there will see the “headlights” reaching out to them in a sea of sadness and despair.

A Yearning for Publius

Finest Hours


Don Johnson – February 2016

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Crass Capitalist Marketing Campaign – Part 1

A Yearning for Publius

It’s time for a crass Capitalist marketing  campaign – meaning I’m trying to sell a few of my books here. So take a look and if you see something you like, buy 40 or 50 copies to give away to your friends and relatives — or at least one for  yourself.

They’re really good.

First watch the following video which is a companion to the book which follows:

Life at sea

And here is the book:


Then there is this dystopian short story I wrote a few years back.


And now along with Bruce Springsteen,  I’ve written my own memoir:


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On the Pressures of Doing Drugs – a note to my Grandchildren from one who has not been as pure as the driven snow.

A reminder from the long ago past … and then again, not so long ago.

A Yearning for Publius



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We’ve Been Here Before

Revisiting thoughts of 5 years ago reveal (unsurprisingly) that not much has changed. One thing that has not changed is my Yearning For Publius and the wisdom of our founding fathers.

A Yearning for Publius

History can be a wonderful teacher; a teacher like that special one you had in elementary school; that special Sunday School teacher that taught you about right and wrong; or the college professor that greatly influenced or even changed your life.

I’m reading such an teacher now in an article from The Weekly Standard of October 24, 2011 entitled Time for Another Harding? Even though it may sound like a cliché it reads like todays newspaper with regards to todays economic condition.

I’ve never studied Harding, but an article such as this whets my appetite for more on the man; consider the following excerpts and paraphrases  from the article and my specific commentary (this font) and please read the original for yourself.

He followed an unpopular Progressive President Woodrow Wilson.

The progressive Woodrow Wilson was nervous about holding the White House and Harding was denounced as “a…

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Maybe We Should Pay More Attention To The Bible … Part 3

In reviewing past essays, and in light of continuing and still disturbing events, I thought it timely to re post this.

A Yearning for Publius

In my journey years ago from Atheism to Christianity, the thing that most convinced me that the Bible was true, was its written history of the nation Israel and the Jewish people. Its general flow goes like this:

  • The establishment of Israel, and the Jewish people as Gods chosen people.
  • The destruction of Israel and the scattering of Jews around the world.
  • The re-establishment of Israel in its ancient homeland.
  • The isolation of Israel and the existential threat to its existence  in the last days.
  • What are the “last days?”

So let’s take the journey while letting the Bible and history speak to us about this history.


The establishment of Israel, and the Jewish people as Gods chosen people.

 Deuteronomy 14:2,
For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on…

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I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited again

Again I return to this — one of my first essays.

Five years since I penned these thoughts and now I revisit them in the context of America 2016 … the current national and world situation both economically and politically.
Five years and I take look at these thoughts in the context of the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election … and what do I see?
Five years and I take a look at three of the candidates for the position of what until very recently was called the “leader of the free world.”
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
Under investigation by some 150 FBI agents for massive, careless and deliberate misuse of government classified documents under her cognizance — some 1900+ email documents including some at the highest level of classification. And where were these documents? In her house.
Some of these documents could very well have caused the death of agents under the employ of the CIA in foreign countries such as Afghanistan.
So here we have a major candidate and former US Senator, former 1’st Lady and former Secretary of State — most probably being indicted for serious federal offenses — in the middle of a Presidential election.

Bernie Sanders (Socialist/Independent/Democrat)
This man appears to be a classical Marxist and wishes to take this nation down the utopian path of socialism — a path consistently resulting in national failure whenever and wherever it has been implemented — often with massively catastrophic consequences.
Donald Trump
This man is the unabashed champion of the political school of thought that says “I will do anything, say anything, be anything” to obtain power. A man who now claims to be a Republican and a Conservative, but by his words, actions and past history could well be described simply as an opportunist of the worst kind. Trump is a man who could not be further from the ideals and behavior of the man, George Washington, who was the template for the American Presidency. Trump is a wannabe Strong Man who could very well be in the very image of other strong men of history past: Napoleon – Caesar – Hitler – Mussolini – Stalin etc. With the safeguards of the US Constitution being destroyed by such as Barack Obama, Trump is potentially the most dangerous and risky of the 2016 candidates. The problem is that until these types of people actually gain power, it is difficult to know the destruction they may cause. We can be on guard and warn of these people, but the safest course of action is to keep him off the ballot entirely.
Truly a sad state of affairs we are in with potentially much more and worse to follow.
Let me conclude with a few of my thoughts from 5 years ago:
I expect honest and integrity of my government; I am getting neither.
· I expect that my children and grandchildren, and generations beyond them, will have liberty and opportunity as I have had; and as my immigrant parents had, and generations of Americans before them.
· I expect that my generations debt to be minimal, and will not be passed on to future generations. Instead, my grandchildren will be burdened with less liberty and opportunity because other nations such as China and Japan will be controlling the purse strings, and thus the direction on the nation.
· I expect my leaders to understand, honor and preserve our nations foundational principles and our history. This American civilization has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world; by far! We have been the shining city on the hill, the hope of the nations, and a refuge for generations fleeing oppression and seeking new opportunity, and liberty. I do not expect it to become just some other country in the world community.
· I expect the freedom to try and succeed, based on our own character, ambitions and dreams — or to fail, and have the freedom to try again.
· I expect the freedom to buy and sell as the market and my pocket book allow. I do not expect wage, price or profit controls placed on me by my government.

Thanks for listening

A Yearning for Publius

It’s been 2+ years since I wrote I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, one of my oldest essays. And it’s been 4+ years since Barak Obama’s infamous statement “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So where are we now as a nation? Where are we now as a culture?

This is where we are! We are in the midst of a swarm of scandals showing that Mr. Obama was serious in his statement, and now the nation, as well as he himself, is reaping the whirlwind of that proclamation and mindset.

So yes, I have reviewed my earlier remarks at I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, and find them pretty much on the mark; and my goodness don’t you know how I wish I had been wrong. But the stink is out of the closet and is infesting the…

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on A Yearning for Publius:
Grassley questions whether Clinton attorney had clearance for thumb drives Official: More than 300 Clinton emails flagged for potentially classified info Just how potentially serious is such a security breach? The invasion of…

Preparing for Dictatorship … Questions for the Younger Generations

From time to time I review some things I’ve written in the past as a check to see what kind of track I might be on — have I been speaking truth or falsehood?
As we are once more entering the voting season and soon will have new national leadership, will we study the issues carefully before we choose. And more importantly will we carefully examine the character of each who would lead us into the future? And is character important? A few items to consider:
— Our National Debt has just passed 19 trillion dollars.
— Do we understand that out of control massive debt kills nations?
— A leading candidate for President will likely be indicted for serious federal security violations … this less than a year from the election.
— Another leading candidate is and advocates Socialism. Do us voters (especially the young) understand Socialism and its record down through the years?
— A growing number of the young are embracing Socialism as a replacement for our Free Enterprise Capitalist economic system.
— Have those advocating Socialism carefully examined how a heavy handed government may be contributing to the failures they see in Capitalism?
— We have a Strong Man coming on the scene (Trump) who promises , in a very bombastic and uncertain way, to fix everything. Have we heard that before – here and around the world – now and down through history?

— A Watchman on the Wall – Glenn Beck – has been looking for a new George Washington. He’s wondering if Ted Cruz is such a man. I don’t know, but perhaps we need to take a close look at this man lest we miss the right man for this time.

Finally, in my review of this article did I find truth or falsehood? Sadly I find mostly truth … what do you find?

A Yearning for Publius

Following the reelection of Barak Obama many of us in the Conservative/Republican minority are asking “What now, what next?”

I’m closing in on 70 years, and having lived a life blessed by living in a free republic, I think it’s time these questions be directed to the younger generations. So here goes you young folks … let me ask you:

  • Are you ready for life under a dictatorship?
  • Are you even aware that the prospects of a dictatorship are very probable?
  • What will you do if suddenly you awoke realizing your valuable freedoms have been taken away?
  • Are you willing to reexamine some of your core beliefs?
  • How will you react if you come to see that what you have believed, even for many years is wrong?
  • What will you personally do to preserve liberty and opportunity for your own and future generations?
  • Are you paying attention to what’s going…

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