Hungary’s 1956 Revolution


How many remember the 1956 Hungarian Revolution?

It’s coming on 61 years since those days, and Budapest is again honoring those Freedom Fighters who sought to throw off the tyrannical yoke of communism. 


Our dear friend Adam von Dioszeghy was there in 1956. He was also there in 1945 as a 7 year old in the midst of the raging World War II battle of Budapest, pitting the forces of the allied air forces bombing from above, and a fierce street battle between the German Army and the Soviet Red Army in the street directly in front of Adam’s apartment.

Diana and I had the honor of visiting Adam and his wife Aliz in Budapest this past May. Among other things, Adam gave us a tour of those places in Budapest from 1945 and 1956. Click the link below to see the tour.

On returning from Hungary I published a book for Adam. You can see it by clicking on the picture below.


Adam von Dioszeghy – a friend and a man who knows and values liberty.

I salute you my friend.


Don Johnson – October 2017


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