Taking A Knee–I’ll Stand Thank You

This is my VA Hospital at West Haven CT.

I visit there quite often for a variety of reasons, mostly minor stuff, and they are treating me quite well.

While there just the other day I noticed the activity in the hallways, waiting rooms and cafeteria, Here’s what I noticed:

Most of us were my age and older, that being in the 70s and 80s and older. Many were in wheelchairs.

Of those in the wheelchairs, many were white being pushed by blacks – many were blacks being pushed by whites.

Lots of chatter between vets – white with white, black with black, black with white, white with black. Comrades in arms all.

The flags outside the building – one for each of the services, and one for the nation.

When you kneel with Colin Kaepernick as a show of disrespect  for your nation (Colin has  publicly stated he disrespects his own country), are you also disrespecting those who do stand with respect at the National Anthem and the showing of the flag? Many of us think that’s what you are doing, and have actually seen such disrespect and heard such words ourselves at the local level.

Of course you have the God given (not government given) and Constitutionally protected right to such a show of protest.  Many of those in that building above fought to protect those rights. Shouldn’t you have a bit of self reflection and civility towards those who have actually sacrificed greatly and refrain from grasping at that right in such a venue of a the National Anthem and display of the flag?  

We don’t deny the Constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech … of the press …  the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. We took up arms to protect those rights.

And we don’t deny those grievances, especially when it comes to the historic and present day treatment of blacks in this nation.

But I must respectfully say that such redress of grievances should be much more historically accurate in picking the target of protests. Looking back over the history of this great nation – yes it is a great nation —  we see that it began with the huge flaw of slavery. But it also began with the irony of a slave owner, Thomas Jefferson, penning those foundational words “… All men are created equal … ” which fueled a substantial anti-slavery movement from the beginning of the nation, resulting in the formation of the anti-slavery Republican party in opposition to the pro-slavery Democratic party. And thus it has been ever since – Republican proposing Civil Rights bills from the post Civil War period through to the 1960s with the Democratic party opposing those proposals those same proposals consistently until it became politically expedient for President Lyndon Johnson to support and sign the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  We have seen — those that  will study history — we have seen the Democrat Party as the party of slavery, the party causing the Civil War and 600,000+ war deaths, the party of segregation, the party of the KKK, the party of lynching, the party of  dogs and fire hoses being turned on blacks, the party of keeping blacks away from decent schools …  

Johnson’s “War on Poverty” then created a welfare state which has done much to damage the family structure of so many in the American inner cities, resulting in so many fatherless families and the resulting rise in young boys joining gangs. And the resulting crime associated with absent fathers …

I have a recommendation for Colin Kaepernick and others — spoiled and not smart enough to realize that not all Americans are like those in the Democrat power structure I described above, and are, and have actually been, on the side of all Americans no matter the color of the skin.

Let’s call for a national “Law of Reparations”  to financially pay descendants of American slavery for the sin against their ancestors — with this condition “all such reparations shall be leveled only on and exclusive to members of the Democratic Party, which has perpetrated those vile acts.”

Don Johnson — October 2017






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