The Liberation of France

Five weeks in Paris including two trips to Normandie provides much for reflection and thought.

One such thread is the liberation of France and Europe, beginning on the beaches of Normandie in 1944.

So being of the curious type and always looking to learn something new, I  found some pictures of those days and would like to share.


And why the jubilation and gratefulness on the part of the French?

holocaustIn four years of German/Nazi occupation, 200,000+ French citizens, mostly Jews, and many thousands of children and infants, were ‘deported’ to the death camps never to be seen or hugged again.


Don Johnson — September 2017



4 responses to “The Liberation of France

  1. Ron Vander Griend

    History that gets very little attention in today’s academia. So shall it be if we destroy our history. The good and the evil needs to be pondered in all historical events to allow for growth and understanding and truth of the human condition which allows each person to decide how they should move forward with their life. Answers come from truthfully understanding the past.

  2. Good comment and good council.

  3. A comment from Matt via email:
    “Thanks, some nice images there. We were pretty cool. 73 years ago. “

  4. For Matt —
    Moving forward 30 years to some of my contemporaries …

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