When I first visited Rome on business in the late 1980s, I visited the old historical sites such as the Roman Forum pictured above.

One of the odd things I noticed along a long park like area was the rows of statues on both sides of the park. The odd thing to me at the time was the missing heads, arms, noses, ears on most of the statues.

It was later I discovered this was vandalism at the hands of the invaders that eventually sacked and conquered Rome.

The German Nazi regime of the 1930-40s also sought to vandalize the antiquities of France among other places. They attempted this by stealing much art work from the many museums of Paris.

For centuries and continuing to the present, we see Muslim leaders and governments actively destroying, hiding or placing off-limits to ‘infidels’ places and artifacts that tie Jewish history and culture to Jerusalem and other areas of the middle east under Muslim control.      

Moving forward to Afghanistan in the late 1990s we see the Taliban destroying centuries old Buddhist statues from the mountain sides.

And now to today, 2017. We see ill-liberal leftists doing the same thing. They are wanting to, and are actually tearing down those monuments they find offensive, in particular, and at least for now, those statues commemorating Confederate  heroes such as Robert E. Lee.  The picture just below shows one such destruction in North Carolina just this past week, with promises of more, both government sanctioned as well as rouge actions.


Why has this happened? Why is it happening today in the United States of America?

The answer, I believe, is not complicated. The perpetrators of such deeds are attempting to destroy the cultures and history of those areas under siege. In the case of the Nazis and France for example, Hitler and the Nazi leadership had set out to destroy Judaea/Christian Western civilization and replace it with the Nazi doctrine of Aryan White supremacy – the Master Race.

And it’s happening here in the USA.  

With the ascendancy of an ill-liberal monster in it’s many headed manifestations, we see little by little, a destruction of the American version of Judaea/Christian Western Civilization.

This political correctness monster has been fed by many decades of the dumbing down of education, in particular that of history education. 

Serious times indeed.

Don Johnson August 2017



  1. Ron Vander Griend

    I guess those wanting to tear these down are more perfect than those in history they want to destroy. While they are at this destruction activity how about the the truth of Margaret Sanger and her desire for abortion so she destroy the black children and her support of the KKK. How about the KKK originating from the southern Democratic party. As what is correct ” The truth sets us free”. Destroying the history allows them to vindicate themselves of their own evil nature.

    • First of all, so many are simply ignorant of the history of the two parties in this country. On the one hand you have the Democrats who have been the party of slavery, KKK, segregation, lynching and racial division. On the other hand you have the Republicans, founded as an anti-slavery party and advocates of civil-rights from Lincoln on to the present day.

      It irks me that Democrat leaders and agenda setters place the blame for their own sins on the Republicans.

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