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If you live long enough and pay attention along the way, chances are you will rub shoulders with some interesting and amazing people and their life stories.

I have lived a long life, and indeed have run across my share of amazing and interesting people.
Adam von Dioszeghy is one such person, and I am blessed to know his life story and blessed to be counted among his friends.

Adam von Dioszeghy —
+ At 7 years of age, a World War II veteran as he and his mother survive the battle raging around them in Budapest Hungary.
+ Came of age under tyrannical communist rule in Hungary.
+ At 18 years of age became a freedom fighter in that ill-fated 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
+ Fled to the US as a refugee, having nothing and not knowing the language of his new country.
+ Graduated from Stanford University.
+ Served as a US Naval Officer with three combat tours to Vietnam.
+ Gained a law degree, again from Stanford University, and practiced law in California for 35 years.
+ Retired, and along with his wife Aliz, moved back to his old country of Hungary.
+ Authored his memoirs.
+ Co-authored, along with Aliz, the memoirs of their relocation to Hungary.
A remarkable story about and by a remarkable man.


Take a look at Adam’s story at:



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