Can information such as movies be stuffed into DNA?

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All who are reading this post are obviously quite familiar with and are in fact using a computer. By now we pretty much take for granted that when we turn on our PC, Mac or Smart Phone we see the results of an operating system appear before us ready for use as in the picture above and on your lap.  

These operating systems are very complex and are the result of many years of development by many very intelligent people – visionaries, designers, programmers, testers, managers and various types of support people. Though never perfect, and most often containing many bugs, the end result of these operating systems is quite elegant and very useful in a seemingly endless variety of applications, limited only by the creative ideas of the development teams. From smart watches to space shuttles, modern life if filled with myriads of computers and computer operating systems and applications (Apps.)

No one in their right mind and with just a bit of computer literacy believes that these modern marvels of human Intelligent Design came about other than through directed intelligence on the part of the development teams.

So now with the project shown here and at the link above,  we see the marriage of two Intelligently Designed products. We see a human designed and developed product, a computer operating system, embedded within and extracted from a naturally occurring Intelligently Designed system called DNA.

Each of the several trillion cells within our body contain DNA, each of which contain what is needed to “manufacture” our body and all of the parts within such as eyes, bones, muscle, heart ….  .  And to repair these parts as a matter of course as they are injured or fail.

Read here the original report I read a few days ago, and below a comment from a reader with a background similar to mine.   


“ Full disclosure: I’m a Software Engineer by trade.

Not only did they encode a movie in the DNA, they also encoded (amongst other things) a computer operating system. As proof of concept of the efficiency of the DNA fountain algorithm, they then read back the DNA and booted a virtual machine with it. The link below shows the OS boot up as well as demonstrating that it is a “working” OS – someone plays Minesweeper and opens a text editor.

I immediately saw this as, not only evidence for, but as close to absolute proof as one can get, that the cell/DNA is intelligently designed. I’m not ashamed to say that tears welled up in my eyes when the VM booted up.

What the scientists did here was mimic, in a very crude manner, what occurs “naturally” in the cell. If what Yaniv Erlich’s team did required intelligence, how much more so did the far more efficient workings of the cell require an intelligence to engineer? “ (Emphasis  above mine)


My own working career of 40 plus years was spent as a member of development teams creating complex computer based applications ranging from smart torpedoes to  automated warehouses (disclosure: not the ones I worked on)  to Air Combat Training Systems – including on several systems, the development of tailor made real-time operating systems.


1 Corinthians 13:

11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

Isn’t it time to put the foolishment of our childhood (Darwinism) behind us ?


Don Johnson – March 2017


3 responses to “Can information such as movies be stuffed into DNA?

  1. Ron Vander Griend

    It is so hard for the academia to accept the truth with all money and lies built on their own tower of babel.

    • Thanks for the comment Ron. It seems that we have (at least) two classes of life scientists.
      The first are the Evolutionary Biologists who really contribute very little to science but have a strangle hold on the narrative and the budget. I speak here of Richard Dawkins and his many disciples in the science writer and promoter ilk of the popular press.
      The second would be the folks actually doing science as the researchers in this article seem to be. They are the ones, typically in the medical schools and labs, actually teasing out the designs they see in nature and applying the results to the real world. These “real” scientists it seems, very seldom rely on Darwinian theory to advance their research. Design thinking seems to be foremost in their approach although they can’t or won’t admit it for fear of tenure or job loss. This fear is well known and those who dare buck the religious doctrine of Darwin do so with much risk.

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