Evolution? And The Marvel of Blood Pressure Regulation


The Darwin propaganda machine continues to insist – and teach our young people – that the totally naturalistic explanation of un-directed and blind evolution is fact and explains the phenomena of life  that we see all around us … including our own self.

I call it a propaganda machine  because that is exactly what it is. It allows only the accepted dogma of the elite and disallows, ignores , mocks  and attempts to destroy anyone who dares to buck the orthodoxy of that elite – see the story of Dr. Edward Hedin for example

My wife recently suffered a fainting spell brought about by a series of events resulting in a problem with her blood pressure (she’s OK now).  The amazing intricacies of blood pressure regulation in the body, as well as many other designed features of the human body are well documented by Dr. Howard Glicksman  in this series on the Designed Body including six articles on blood pressure.

The body and it’s various internal systems and functions, as well as it’s external capabilities such as seen in the concert hall and the baseball field demonstrate a complex system of a “goal directed” and  designed result, and not the “undirected” naturalistic fairy tale as told by the Darwin propaganda machine.

Scan through and actually read the extensive documentation provided by Dr. Howard Glicksman, as well as many other good science reporting by the Discovery Institute and do your own thinking and come to your own conclusions.

And know this (pay attention teachers and parents) – you will find very little (approaching none) science reporting of the type I talk about above, to the general public and the schools from the “ … National Center for Science Education (NCSE)  a not-for-profit, membership organization providing information and resources for schools, parents, and concerned citizens working to keep evolution and climate science in public school science education. … .” And any notion of design out. No you have to go to those sites and organizations that actually do science reporting but are ignored, mocked and demonized by the likes of NCSE.


Don Johnson – May 2016



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