I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited again

Again I return to this — one of my first essays.

Five years since I penned these thoughts and now I revisit them in the context of America 2016 … the current national and world situation both economically and politically.
Five years and I take look at these thoughts in the context of the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election … and what do I see?
Five years and I take a look at three of the candidates for the position of what until very recently was called the “leader of the free world.”
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
Under investigation by some 150 FBI agents for massive, careless and deliberate misuse of government classified documents under her cognizance — some 1900+ email documents including some at the highest level of classification. And where were these documents? In her house.
Some of these documents could very well have caused the death of agents under the employ of the CIA in foreign countries such as Afghanistan.
So here we have a major candidate and former US Senator, former 1’st Lady and former Secretary of State — most probably being indicted for serious federal offenses — in the middle of a Presidential election.

Bernie Sanders (Socialist/Independent/Democrat)
This man appears to be a classical Marxist and wishes to take this nation down the utopian path of socialism — a path consistently resulting in national failure whenever and wherever it has been implemented — often with massively catastrophic consequences.
Donald Trump
This man is the unabashed champion of the political school of thought that says “I will do anything, say anything, be anything” to obtain power. A man who now claims to be a Republican and a Conservative, but by his words, actions and past history could well be described simply as an opportunist of the worst kind. Trump is a man who could not be further from the ideals and behavior of the man, George Washington, who was the template for the American Presidency. Trump is a wannabe Strong Man who could very well be in the very image of other strong men of history past: Napoleon – Caesar – Hitler – Mussolini – Stalin etc. With the safeguards of the US Constitution being destroyed by such as Barack Obama, Trump is potentially the most dangerous and risky of the 2016 candidates. The problem is that until these types of people actually gain power, it is difficult to know the destruction they may cause. We can be on guard and warn of these people, but the safest course of action is to keep him off the ballot entirely.
Truly a sad state of affairs we are in with potentially much more and worse to follow.
Let me conclude with a few of my thoughts from 5 years ago:
I expect honest and integrity of my government; I am getting neither.
· I expect that my children and grandchildren, and generations beyond them, will have liberty and opportunity as I have had; and as my immigrant parents had, and generations of Americans before them.
· I expect that my generations debt to be minimal, and will not be passed on to future generations. Instead, my grandchildren will be burdened with less liberty and opportunity because other nations such as China and Japan will be controlling the purse strings, and thus the direction on the nation.
· I expect my leaders to understand, honor and preserve our nations foundational principles and our history. This American civilization has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world; by far! We have been the shining city on the hill, the hope of the nations, and a refuge for generations fleeing oppression and seeking new opportunity, and liberty. I do not expect it to become just some other country in the world community.
· I expect the freedom to try and succeed, based on our own character, ambitions and dreams — or to fail, and have the freedom to try again.
· I expect the freedom to buy and sell as the market and my pocket book allow. I do not expect wage, price or profit controls placed on me by my government.

Thanks for listening

A Yearning for Publius

It’s been 2+ years since I wrote I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, one of my oldest essays. And it’s been 4+ years since Barak Obama’s infamous statement “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So where are we now as a nation? Where are we now as a culture?

This is where we are! We are in the midst of a swarm of scandals showing that Mr. Obama was serious in his statement, and now the nation, as well as he himself, is reaping the whirlwind of that proclamation and mindset.

So yes, I have reviewed my earlier remarks at I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited, and find them pretty much on the mark; and my goodness don’t you know how I wish I had been wrong. But the stink is out of the closet and is infesting the…

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5 responses to “I am a Tea Party Patriot– revisited again

  1. Well stated Don. But what are our options? I distrust ALL of the politicians running. The only ones I do trust are the non-politicians such as Carson and Carla but neither have a chance in todays environment. Anyone, including my dogcatcher (to use a phrase), would be better than Clinton or Sanders but we need a candidate who is likely to beat them. Who would you recommend and why? Ron

    • Thanks for your reply Ron — you state “I distrust ALL of the politicians running … ”

      This sentiment is common, and the root of this sentiment is none other than a politician we have elected twice … Barack Hussein Obama … who has squandered and seriously damaged the most important attribute a national leader can have — TRUST. So many have lost trust in our president, and knowingly or not, many have transferred that loss of trust to ALL politicians. This loss of trust is not just within the populace of the United States, but is seen in the actions of our allies and adversaries. The results are and will continue to be devastating in ways now seen and yet to be seen, but on the horizon.

      “What are our options?” you ask. Let me attempt to address this question — first from a positive perspective.
      George Washington was a politician … Abraham Lincoln was a politician … FDR was a politician … Harry Truman was a politician … John Kennedy was a politician … Ronald Reagan was a politician … and many more. And many kept alive the flame of that “shining city on a hill.” So let’s not give up hope that there are others that could step in and lead the nation. Our current president is not a good man — but let’s not excuse and diminish the evil damage brought by that one man by spreading the blame and responsibility across ALL politicians. Glenn Beck wrote a book several years ago — “Being George Washington.” In that book, Beck urged us as individuals to emulate the qualities of George Washington, and to seek out leaders among us who exhibit the qualities of our first president. Early on I had thought that many of the Republican candidates might possibly have been such a person, but now that list has dwindled down to perhaps only Ted Cruz. This is not to say I place the other candidates such as Rubio, Kasich or Carson in the same category as Trump, but the chances of one of them being nominated seems to be diminishing as time wears on.

      “What are our options?” From a definitely negative perspective.
      Should we wind up with a choice of Clinton or Sanders vs. Trump, I see that as no choice at all, and leading to further national disaster. So at this point I would have to say that I would not cast a vote for President, but concentrate on getting good moral people in the Congress and State governments in hopes of raising up that future George Washington. This choice of mine would be a choice based on morality and not politics though definitely having political implications.

      We are faced with the grim prospect of the flame lighting that “shining city on a hill” being extinguished … probably for good, or until the Lord returns.

    • Hi Ron (and others)
      In reflecting a bit on what I’ve written here, I acknowledge that the squandering of Presidential Trust by Barack Obama colors what I think and write, and how I look at candidates.
      I desire honesty and integrity in my government, and I have gotten neither in the last 7 years. When I see the behavior and track record of a pretender to the throne that lacks — among other things — civility, I cringe at the prospects of a continuance of such lack of honesty and integrity into future generations.

  2. Ronald Vander Griend

    If you are going address just those 3 candidates it seems unfair. There was a time when one would think Ted Cruz was a honorable man. Be as watch he is directly involved or intentionally allowing a campaign manager use lies and deceit in almost every state. In Iowa telling 1500 precinct captains to deceive the people telling them that Ben Carson was dropping out which was a lie. They only had to change 4 votes in each precinct to give him the 6,000 vote win. Today he uses photoshop to put Rubio’s head and Obama’s head on other bodies showing them handshaking. Disgusting. Allowing his organization to continue to deceive people is something we already have.

    • Thanks Ron. A sign of the times … government can not and should not be trusted. This Obama administration has squandered and attacked the most important asset an American President has in his arsenal — trust.

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