Loose Lips Sink Ships

It seems I am revisiting a fair amount these days — but I’m finding it necessary to remind myself and others of some of the seriousness of the issues I discuss. The Hillary Clinton e-mails is such an issue.

Read this article and then ask yourself — ‘since the subject here (Clinton) has high potential of being our next President and Commander in Chief, why is this issue not no being fully vetted in a court of law well prior to a major political party convention in July, let alone the November election?’

A snippet from the article:
“With this week’s caucus in Iowa, speculation finally has finally given way to actual voting results in the presidential campaign. That makes it as good a time as any to observe that the Clintons have done it again: They have so degraded our politics that criminality rather than unfitness for office appears to be the only potential disqualifier for Democrats.

Sadly, we must say “potential” because we cannot be confident that even an indictment would cause Hillary Clinton’s supporters to abandon her. They’d rather have the Oval Office run out of Leavenworth than have a Republican occupy it in Washington.”

A Yearning for Publius


Grassley questions whether Clinton attorney had clearance for thumb drives

Official: More than 300 Clinton emails flagged for potentially classified info

Just how potentially serious is such a security breach?

The invasion of France at Normandy was the largest such landing in history and cost the lives of many thousands of allied soldiers. The landing was shrouded in much secrecy including deception to make the German defenders think that the landing would be elsewhere.

Had the landing plans been compromised,  it is likely the landing would have failed with many more lives lost and the course of the war would have changed dramatically, including the likelihood that all of German occupied Europe would have been lost to a Communist Soviet Union victory.

And the brave Seal Team 6 who went after Osama bin Laden – had this operation been compromised by loose lips, in all likelihood the entire team would…

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One response to “Loose Lips Sink Ships

  1. I suspect that the liberal courts and media will “poo-poo” this and will successfully sweep it under the rug as “insignificant”. They have already delayed it a month to allow it to become old news. This tactic worked for the Benghazi debacle and the IRS scandal. It will work again…. unfortunately. The morals of this country has deteriorated so much that integrity and national security is no longer important.

    Ron Shipley

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