Preparing for Dictatorship … Questions for the Younger Generations

From time to time I review some things I’ve written in the past as a check to see what kind of track I might be on — have I been speaking truth or falsehood?
As we are once more entering the voting season and soon will have new national leadership, will we study the issues carefully before we choose. And more importantly will we carefully examine the character of each who would lead us into the future? And is character important? A few items to consider:
— Our National Debt has just passed 19 trillion dollars.
— Do we understand that out of control massive debt kills nations?
— A leading candidate for President will likely be indicted for serious federal security violations … this less than a year from the election.
— Another leading candidate is and advocates Socialism. Do us voters (especially the young) understand Socialism and its record down through the years?
— A growing number of the young are embracing Socialism as a replacement for our Free Enterprise Capitalist economic system.
— Have those advocating Socialism carefully examined how a heavy handed government may be contributing to the failures they see in Capitalism?
— We have a Strong Man coming on the scene (Trump) who promises , in a very bombastic and uncertain way, to fix everything. Have we heard that before – here and around the world – now and down through history?

— A Watchman on the Wall – Glenn Beck – has been looking for a new George Washington. He’s wondering if Ted Cruz is such a man. I don’t know, but perhaps we need to take a close look at this man lest we miss the right man for this time.

Finally, in my review of this article did I find truth or falsehood? Sadly I find mostly truth … what do you find?

A Yearning for Publius

Following the reelection of Barak Obama many of us in the Conservative/Republican minority are asking “What now, what next?”

I’m closing in on 70 years, and having lived a life blessed by living in a free republic, I think it’s time these questions be directed to the younger generations. So here goes you young folks … let me ask you:

  • Are you ready for life under a dictatorship?
  • Are you even aware that the prospects of a dictatorship are very probable?
  • What will you do if suddenly you awoke realizing your valuable freedoms have been taken away?
  • Are you willing to reexamine some of your core beliefs?
  • How will you react if you come to see that what you have believed, even for many years is wrong?
  • What will you personally do to preserve liberty and opportunity for your own and future generations?
  • Are you paying attention to what’s going…

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One response to “Preparing for Dictatorship … Questions for the Younger Generations

  1. I, unfortunately, agree with everything you have said Don. This situation didn’t evolve overnight. In fact, Obama isn’t the sole author either. He has only placed the movement into high gear. Both political parties are at fault. The Democrats for having engineered it and the Republicans for being weak and not countering the movement. Having said that I fear that the “tipping point” may already have been reached and we may no longer be able to stop it. Greece and Europe in general are predecessors of what will happen in this country. Economic collapse is the only deterrent and revolution will follow. Our ONLY HOPE is divine intervention. Prayer changes things.

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