Hope–A note to myself from 1987

And read the comments as well. Somewhere I read “There is nothing new under the sun.”

A Yearning for Publius

I found this note I had written to myself in 1987. I think it still applies, don’t you?

We live in extremely perilous times. Reading the daily newspaper gives the impression that there is little hope in this world.

We have wars in many parts of the world and the threat of the ultimate war that would wipe out all of mankind.  The continent of Africa is virtually on fire with war, rebellion and famine from top to bottom, East to West. We have new and incurable diseases diseases. Treason is common place in our country. Drugs are taking a heavy toll in all segments of our society. Government takes beating after beating with one scandal after another. We hear that the earth is warming, and that our sea shores will rise and devastate costal cities. Earthquakes are said to be more frequent in recent years than ever before…

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