Sufficient Reason For Not Voting For Hillary Clinton

(And why she should be fully prosecuted and denied any future security clearance)


I received this letter recently regarding the theft of my personal information from a US government data base. Needless to say such a letter is very disturbing.

Most of my working life I  have been a contractor working with Department of Defense projects, and thus have had high level security clearances most of that time. The letter above refers to various background checks I have been subject to, and my compromised data contains potentially very damaging information about me and my family should the data be exploited.

Understand that this data theft was from a supposedly secure computer system protected both physically and electronically in a government facility, controlled and protected by fully qualified and vetted personnel.

Then comes a new Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton – who throws out all of this sort of protection, as vulnerable as it may be,  and instead opts to handle official US State Department business via her own personal server located in her personal residence.

The security breach and data theft described in the letter above, though not the responsibility or fault of Secretary Clinton, illustrates the severity what she has done. She has provided a front row – picture window view of the operations and activities of the US Department of State.

Any unfriendly entity such as China or Iran having the expertise and motivation to steal massive amounts of data from the UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT potentially had carte-blanch access to inner secrets of the US government.

I have written about this previously at Loose Lips Sink Ships.

That this woman is a candidate for President in 2016 is an abomination and travesty.  The FBI is investigating her and hopefully will return an indictment and place her under arrest pending trial. However, the FBI comes under the jurisdiction to the Department of Justice and thus the President. Will a Democrat President allow such an embarrassment and political disaster befall their front running candidate?  Probably not, but if it is quashed, hopefully the FBI agents involved will go public with their findings and stop her ascendancy to the White House by a public exposure and embarrassment – regardless of the cost to these agents.


Don Johnson – November 2015


3 responses to “Sufficient Reason For Not Voting For Hillary Clinton

  1. Don, I am so sorry this has happened to you–what a mess. Hopefully it will all be straightened out quickly and to your satisfaction. As for Hillary Clinton I think it is an embarrassment to the U.S. that she is allowed to run for President—-even sadder is that she has a lot of support. Let us know how things work out for you. Vicki & Mel

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