Two Book Reports Part 1: Exceptional – by Dick and Liz Cheney


Excerpt from the review linked to above:

“Exceptional: Why The World Needs A Powerful America” is a must read. Unlike many authors, the Cheneys actually make clear and concise recommendations of what future presidents need to accomplish. Through the historical journey readers will understand why the authors criticism of the current president is valid.

They make the excellent point that to safeguard America, presidents must “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” As they said in the book, “Without our armed forces, there would be no liberty. They are the ultimate guarantor and protector of our freedoms.”

I’ve written many articles before on this blog having the theme of American Exceptionalism; see here, here and here. See also here a commentary by Rush Limbaugh that’s about as good as it gets on the topic – but I must confess that at this point I no longer view America as an exceptional nation except in its past history.


What I especially like about the Cheney’s take on the subject is their concise and powerful summary of America’s role in preserving and extending  liberty in the very catastrophic twentieth century in which Liberty might very well have disappeared from the earth – perhaps forever.

The book is a short and concise read, but timely and extremely powerful, and a good way to jump start your own understanding of the crucial role America has played throughout its history.

Books like this should be digested in this Presidential election season so as to give our grandchildren and great-grandchildren the best possible chance of having leaders that will preserve liberty and opportunity for them.


Don Johnson – November 2015


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