Our President Needs To Get Out More Often

But, you say, isn’t he seemingly always traveling someplace around the country and the world?

Yes – but he never goes anywhere, and thus sees little of what is actually happening outside of his own secluded world. Consider:

  • He leaves the White House waving as he boards the Marine helicopter.
  • He departs the helicopter and boards Air Force One.
  • He departs Air Force One and gets into his limousine at today’s destination.
  • He enters an arena or conference hall and gives a speech.
  • He then shakes the same old hands following the speech.
  • He gives a speech at a dinner and then hob-nobs with the same people – event after event after event.
  • He then reverses the travel and we see him waving once more as he departs the Marine helicopter and walks back to the White House.

He never goes anywhere, seldom sees what is happing in the country and seldom meets anyone new. 

We have learned that this President has skipped about half of his daily security briefings.

Can he possibly have an realistic appreciation of what is actually happening in the nation?


And yes, this scenario can largely be applied to any modern president.

That is why it is very important that our next president be firmly rooted in America – he or she must:

  • Have a firm,  accurate and solid understanding of American history … from colonial days to current events.
  • Have a firm and solid understanding of the foundational principles of America as found in:
    • Our Constitution.
    • Our Declaration of Independence.
    • The Federalist Papers.
    • The Anti-Federalist Papers.
    • The lives and character of our founders — their motivations and aspirations.
    • The lives, struggles and character of our leaders since the founding through modern times and current events. Leaders such as Lincoln, Truman, Coolidge, Kennedy and others.  
    • Our free market capitalist economic system.
    •    … and more …
  • Have a firm and solid understanding of the nations struggle to overcome injustice in a number of areas such as: slavery, civil rights, women’s rights and more.
  • Have a firm and solid understanding of what has made the United States (until very recent years) an “exceptional” nation, and what has made this nation that “shining city on a hill’ that has attracted multitudes in search of opportunity and liberty, and escape from tyranny and oppression. 
  • Have a firm and solid understanding of America’s key role in the affairs of the world and it’s unique role in maintaining peace and liberty – a role that is abandoned at our own peril.

I saw and heard many on stage in the first republican debate that seem to fit the criteria outlined above.

Let’s seek them out, understand them and support them – the success of future generations count on our wise discernment and engagement in selecting our next president. 


  Don Johnson – August 2015


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