My Pick for President in 2012

I thought it timely to revisit this … how does your candidate stack up?

A Yearning for Publius

  • He will be a historian. She will have a solid understanding of history, both world history, and especially American history.
  • She will have a solid and deep understanding of the United States Constitution. He will have studied, in depth, the Federalist Papers, and also the Anti-Federalist writers.
  • She understands the real world reasons why the U.S. Government is structured as it is by the Constitution. He understands, from history, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, to the point of slavery and death to those who would protest.
  • She considers the Constitution to be a binding legal document; between the Federal Government, the States, and the citizens. Not a “living” document, but one that is only changed through the Constitutional method of amendment by the people.
  • He understands that the American free market economic system has brought more freedom, both political and economic, to the world than…

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