President Barack Obama Advocates More AIDS Deaths and Suffering in Kenya


The actual headline reads:
Obama Speaks Out For LGBT Rights In Kenya

From Wikipedia we read:

HIV/AIDS is a major public health concern and cause of death in many parts of Africa. Although the continent is home to about 15.2 percent of the world’s population,[1] Sub-Saharan Africa alone accounted for an estimated 69 percent of all people living with HIV[2] and 70 percent of all AIDS deaths in 2011.[3]

     .  .  .

High-risk behavioral patterns have been cited as being largely responsible for the significantly greater spread of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa than in other parts of the world. Chief among these are the traditionally liberal attitudes espoused by many communities inhabiting the subcontinent toward multiple sexual partners and pre-marital and outside marriage sexual activity.[4][5] HIV transmission is most likely in the first few weeks after infection, and is therefore increased when people have more than one sexual partner in the same time period. In most of the developed world outside Africa, this means HIV transmission is high among prostitutes and other people who may have more than one sexual partner concurrently. Within the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, it is relatively common for both men and women to be carrying on sexual relations with more than one person, which promotes HIV transmission.[20] This practice is known as concurrency, which Helen Epstein describes in her book, The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight against AIDS, in which her research into the sexual mores of Uganda revealed the high frequency with which men and women engage in concurrent sexual relationships.[37] In addition, in sub-Saharan Africa AIDS is the leading killer and a large reason for the high transmission rates is because of the lack of education provided to youth. When infected, most children die within one year because of the lack of treatment.[38]

AIDS in the United States


By advocating deviant sexual behavior —  especially homosexual behavior — Barack Obama is promoting more suffering and death in sub-Saharan Africa.  He couches this advocacy in terms of human rights, but this advocacy is far, far from addressing the real world problems that face the people of Kenya and most other countries in the region.

When the people of sub-Saharan Africa, and their leaders are confronted with an epidemic such as AIDS, why should they be expected – indeed prodded and cajoled – into accepting even more behavior that results is more suffering and death.

This “do-gooder” President of my country should instead be promoting behavior that minimizes the suffering and death brought on by HIV/AIDS. What he is doing is evil. 

Back in the days of America’s own AIDS epidemic, a preacher named Jerry Falwell preached strongly against the homosexual lifestyle and was widely condemned as being hateful. Falwell’s message was in essence “quit behaving in this manner or it’s going to kill you … and others.” 

Now I would ask you … who has the greater love – the one who says “quit behaving in this manner or it’s going to kill you … and others”  or one who says “that’s OK Johnnie, it’s just another life style, just another way of showing love?”

I suggest that Barack Obama is not showing love for his Kenyan brothers and sisters, and in fact is showing contempt bordering on hatred.


Don Johnson – July 2015


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