Evolution Funding vs. Intelligent Design Funding


Discovery Institute offices in Seattle – second floor

One of the common criticisms of Intelligent Design, and in particular, the Discovery Institute in  Seattle WA is that it is a “well funded” religious organization funded by wealthy anti-science right wingers.

Take a look at the following:


From Genesis To Dominion
Fat-Cat Theocrat Funds Creationism Crusade

[dlj] Definitions of dominion:  1.dominance or power through legal authority

by Steve Benen
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
from: Church & State, July/August 2000

Anti-evolution crusader Phillip Johnson, dedicated his 1997 book, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, to “Roberta and Howard, who understood ‘the wedge’ because they love the Truth.”

The mysterious reference is apparently a note of thanks to Howard F. Ahmanson Jr. and his wife Roberta, a wealthy and secretive Orange County, Calif., couple who have generously funded the anti-evolution movement and other right-wing causes that advance their fundamentalist Christian outlook.

    .  .  . 

According to Reason magazine, promotional materials from the Seattle-based Discovery Institute acknowledge that the Ahmanson family donated $1.5 million to the Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture



On the other hand:


Michigan State University gets $22.5M to continue evolution research, education

And that is only one of many grants from the federal government – tax payer funds, and in this day and age much of it borrowed money I suppose.

The irony is that many of these universities are studying biology and biological systems as if they were designed, and are discovering the designs of these systems. But they don’t dare hint they are engaged in Intelligent Design.

Click https://youtu.be/kOeJwQ0OXc4 to take a look at one of these intelligent machines.


Don Johnson – July 2015


2 responses to “Evolution Funding vs. Intelligent Design Funding

  1. What a shame to invest monies in anti-evolution! As if disproving biological Truth will further “belief.” Science and religion are different factors, separate entities. Truth and belief do not partners make. After spending a graduate session with Darwin, Huxley, and Dawkins my ability to believe in any creationism theory went extinct. Why? Well, Truth had a lot to do with it, as well as research and theory. Studying on consciousness indicates the growth of understanding – Steven McIntosch notes those who still cling to belief are stuck in “traditional consciousness” and they haven’t caught up to postmodernism yet – probably because they are battling with modernism. However, if one truly wants to see religion for what it is – check out Richard Dawkins; namely on YouTube to watch how calmly he deflates belief. Spoiler: belief is a genetic trait present to ensure obedience. That’s right – it’s a biological modifier to ensure humans can interact with one another in efforts to create society. That’s it. No creator, no afterlife…pure biology.
    So…the wasted funds would be better utilized in efforts to reduce future overpopulation, the real threat to extinction.

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