Swimming Eagle


Click the image above or the following link

I can’t claim this as my own video, but sure wish I could.

I was working in Alaska in the early 2000s – mainly Eielson AFB out of Fairbanks with an occasional trip to Elmendorf AFB out of Anchorage.

On my last trip to Anchorage, I took a day trip on a small boat out of Seward for a day of site seeing and wildlife viewing. At one point the guide and boat captain pointed out an eagle close to shore – similar to what you see in the video. The captain explained that the fish was too big for the eagle to fly away with and sure enough, just as in the video, the eagle started breast stroking to shore. 

The difference in what I remember is that when the eagle reached the shore he hopped up on a rock and held a large salmon in one talon and spread his wings out to dry. As he stood there, he moved his head side to side accentuating the break between the white of his head and the dark brown of his shoulders …  quite a sight and one which I’ve told many times, but I was ill-equipped with a camera sufficient to capture the event — much thanks to Luke Kim who I do not know, but might very well have been standing next to me in the boat that day.

Don Johnson – June 2015



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