Global Warming and Dereliction of Duty


Mount Vesuvius – May 2015

The President of the United States – the  Commander in Chief of the US Military – has issued a stern warning to members of the military … belly up to and buy into the Global Warming agenda or be considered to be in Dereliction of Duty.

To the best of my knowledge, Dereliction of Duty is not an offence to the civilian population of the United States – but is a punishable offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and thus a punishable offence for those under UCMJ jurisdiction.

Why would a Commander in Chief issue such a warning – a warning of accountability and punishment for an offence of thought and opinion on the part of  military members?

Given that this man – the Commander in Chief – is a man of profound dis-honesty, my first inclination is that he is up to no good, and this warning is in preparation for and a set up for something sinister.

What role should, would or could the military play in the context of Global Warming?  The President is fond of not only bypassing Congress, but actually taunting his opposition in accomplishing his goals.

What Executive Action might be in store in the near future that would justify military action to enforce? And would such military action be ordered against US civilians under the rube of an inferred Dereliction of Duty on the part of civilians actively opposed to  Executive Action – freedom of the press and academic freedom comes to mind here as does forcibly shitting down offending companies and industries.

Is the President’s “global warming” speech to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy a harbinger of things to come?

Muslim World Reacts to Obama’s Latest Climate Change Speech



Don Johnson – May 2015





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