Dinosaurs, Sea Gulls and Museums

Over at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) writer Stephanie Keep writes:

“ … there are two large circles that list “Victims,” including dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and flying reptiles, and “Survivors,” including turtles, mammals, and birds.

Huh? Birds are dinosaurs [emphasis mine]. Yet there wasn’t even a hint of this fact, known to every ten-year-old, in the signage. … “

Me thinks Ms. Keep and other Darwinists spend far too much time in the museums and in the lecture halls and books of such as Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne … and far to little time actually looking at birds.

Recently I had the pleasure of watching these magnificent flying machines and saw a few attributes I hadn’t noticed before. I was watching these birds from the 15’th deck of the Norwegian Epic, a huge cruise ship. From this point of view I watched as these birds soared, floated and dived around the ship above and below me.

My eyes, mind and soul took in the various colorations and patterns of the various types of feathers as the birds reconfigured for flight … an aesthetic experience not readily explainable – if at all – by the natural selection story line. 

I noticed how the birds used their feet in controlling flight … tucked back while streamlining the body … then dropped down and used as a speed brake much as a modern fighter jet does in combat maneuvering. Same with the cluster of tail feathers … at one point close up and streamlined and at another point spread out to smoothly control the decent following a high speed run.

As the bird soars below and above me I watched as his head and eyes searched below for that morsel 0f food.

A marvelous demonstration of design – Intelligent Design — at work.

Huh? Birds are dinosaurs

Is that all there is?

Brooding oviraptorid dinosaur

And this?

In watching a living breathing flying bird, you can see much evidence of design at work …  specified and purposeful designs culminating in the birds you and I can see on a regular basis.

And dinosaurs?

Bird evogram

Do any of the reptile like ancestors depicted above resemble the majestic sea gull … or the hummingbird … or the swan? And do the red marks represent a real animal along the evolutionary tree – or do they represent inferred and imaginary conflations of various common ancestors such as the claim that there are no “Adam” and “Eve” human ancestors but rather an unknown grouping of pre-human ancestors?

No Ms. Keep – I think the observations of real life intelligently designed machines like we see in the sea gull are far more compelling than the propaganda and indoctrinations – the just so stories — of a Richard Dawkins or Jerry Coyne – or as those at NCSE.


Don Johnson – June 2015


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