What Possible Harm Could Come From Iran Having Nuclear Weapons.

EDITED – April 4, 2015


                                                       Auschwitz –  click on the picture above


                             Dachau death camp

This quote is from the article in The Washington Times:

“Eisenhower ordered all available American troops to go and witness the horrors he’d just seen. He also forced German citizens and officials from nearby towns to do the same,” Mr. Boehner said in the letter.

“He understood that there must be a record, first-hand evidence and incontrovertible answers to those who would deny the Holocaust.”


Click on the image above

And more ….

Ohrdruf3 Ohrdruff1 Ohrdruff2 Ohrdruff4

Gen. Eisenhower was worried that future generations would not believe the horror that American soldiers had seen at Ohrdruf. Civilians in the town of Ohrdruf, who had nothing to do with the camp, were ordered to enter the lice-infested barracks to view the dead bodies. After their forced visit, the mayor of the town and his wife went home — and killed themselves!

Notice in the first photo that some of the bodies appear to be partially burned.  The Germans burned the bodies in an effort to stop the typhus epidemic; they had no DDT nor vaccine to prevent the epidemic.  Did Gen. Eisenhower order that all the civilians in the nearby town should be vaccinated?  No, of course not.  He was only concerned with spreading propaganda that would cause future generations to hate the Germans for all time.  How many of those civilians got typhus as a result of being exposed to this disease without being vaccinated?

And within the past few days and weeks …

Iranian Commander: ‘Erasing Israel Off the Map’ Is ‘Non-Negotiable’

Arab TV: Reports on Jews Using Children’s Blood for Passover Matzos

State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel’s ‘right to exist’


I have to ask the questions: Where do Barak Obama’s allegiances  truly lie? Is he in aggrement with the Arabs and Iranians that Erasing Israel Off the Map’ Is ‘Non-Negotiable’?

Giving Iran 10 more years to develop deliverable nuclear weapons, as this agreement apparently does, also gives Iran 10 years to further develop it’s conventional forces such that future military options are de-facto taken off the table, especially since US military strength and will is being eroded … and further future US buildup may not be possible because of the $20+ trillion national debt.

At some time in the future will another General Eisenhower force Americans to cast their eyes upon the similar scenes  as shown above?

In a 2009 conversation with a long time friend – a life long Democrat – I expressed my fear of this man Barak Obama. That fear continues to be rational, realized and justified.

Don Johnson – April 2015


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