Benjamin Netanyahu–The Speech

Watch/listen to “The Speech” here:

My first reactions to “The Speech”

  • It was the speech that should have been given by an American president … and I believe most previous presidents would have given such a speech.
  • An American president should have been present  … seated with the Speaker of the House in place of the Vice President. Again, I believe most previous presidents would have been there.
  • Before “The Speech” I thought …  this will turn out to be one of the most important events of this century – for good or ill, and I hope for good. After”The Speech” that thought was confirmed in my mind.
  • Why should any American (this American in particular) have any doubts as to where the American President stands … with Israel or with Iran? I do have those doubts, based on his actions and words towards Iran and towards Israel.

Then I read the transcript of the Rush Limbaugh program “Netanyahu Is Everything Obama Is Not” at: and read these words

“ … Nothing focuses the mind and heart like moral, ethical, and legal clarity.  And today in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave an historically important speech. A speech that any previous American president could have and maybe would have made, a speech to rally and save Western civilization.  … “ (emphasis mine)


Don Johnson – March 2015


2 responses to “Benjamin Netanyahu–The Speech

  1. One of the most important events of the century? Wow.

    I think this video captures the importance of the speech a bit better than Limbaugh:

    • Sorry, I can’t view this show for some reason. Could you provide a transcript of the episode, or a somewhat detailed report of what Stewart had to say and why it’s a better analysis than Limbaugh’s?

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