Presidential Trust

When I was growing up … and I assume many of you have similar recollections … honesty and integrity were an emphasis in our education. I am speaking here of honesty and integrity at the highest levels of our government – namely the President. I remember the stories of “Honest Abe” and George Washington of “ I cannot tell a lie.” This was in the 1950s and early 1960s. These Presidents, our most respected and revered at the time, were noted for their honesty and integrity. Being human, they undoubtedly fell short of the praise heaped on them … but the emphasis being passed on to students of that day was that honesty and integrity were very important. Funny how I remember this even now, and even though I was not a stellar student.

Times have changed … and times have changed radically since those days of the 50s and early 60s. Times have changed and now we have a significant portion of our nation who no longer value honesty and integrity. Our voters have twice elected a man to the Presidency who is profoundly dishonest (dictionary definition is: “deeply or extremely”) – and we elect people like Nancy Pelosi who support that dishonesty and in fact practice it themselves. The many lies of Barack Hussein Obama, on so many occasions and on so many issues, leads me to believe that speaking the lie is his native language.

Much damage is done to a civilization when leadership acts in this manner. The greatest damage is to trust. We have a President (and a major political party) who simply cannot be trusted. This damage to trust covers a wide swath:

– on the foreign policy scene, the US loses the trust of allies who no longer can count on the word or actions of the US.  Enemies cannot be faced with the certainty of an America standing up against  whatever mischief or aggression thrust against it or its allies. A classic case in point is Israel and Iran. Israel is and has been a trusted ally in a very dangerous part of the world. On many occasions (I believe the number is 6)  the surrounding  Arab/Muslim nations have gone to wars of total annihilation against Israel – this following the Nazi genocide of the 30s and 40s which killed 6 million Jews and resulted in the formation of the modern nation of Israel. Now we have Iran, with the active encouragement/appeasement of our President, developing deliverable nuclear weapons which, according to their own words will be used to complete the genocide of the Jews. The trust of the US on the part of our ally Israel is being squandered and destroyed, all under an umbrella of  lies emanating from our President. The confidence of an enemy at the same time is being built up by those same lies … confidence that the US will do nothing to prevent the destruction of Israel.

Then there is the troubling case of Yemen. This past September – that would be just prior to the following November elections – President Obama held up Yemen as a poster child of his “successful” counter terrorism strategy. And as seen in recent weeks, Iranian backed rebels, otherwise known as Islamic terrorist Houthis toppled the government and reportedly took over diplomatic vehicles as American personnel fled the country.

In southern Yemen, al Qaeda fighters took over a Yemeni government military base. Yemeni military officials say al-Qaida militants have seized control of an important army base in the south following clashes with soldiers. The officials say at least four troops and four militants died in the fighting and that at least 15 soldiers were taken hostage. The base is home to Yemen’s 19th Infantry Brigade and is located in the Baihan area in southern Shabwa province.

My mind goes back to reports that the the President has skipped about half of his daily Intelligent Briefings on both his first and second terms.  Here’s where the issue of Presidential Trust come into play … if these reports reflect reality, can this Commander in Chief be trusted to know what in the world is going on around him? Can he be trusted to make informed decisions? Is his continual mode of non-stop campaigning and spending inordinate amounts of time on Air Force 1 to and from Presidential appearances …  is it fair to assume that he is spending precious little time on important national defense issues? Is this a priority of his …  and does he care?

– On the domestic scene we have the massive and continual lies of the “Affordable Care Act” as the primary witness to the profound dishonesty and lack of integrity of Barack Hussein Obama – speaking in his native language. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor …” – “If you like your health care plan you can keep your plan …” “The average American will save $2,500 per year in health care … .”

The many serial scandals (IRS, VA, Secret Service, GSA, Fast & Furious, Benghazi,  etc. …. etc.) across the administration seals the indictment in my view. Trust is simply not there … integrity is gone.

We had a serious economic meltdown in 2008 when the many hollow sub-prime mortgages came home to haunt banks, and when companies like Lehman Brothers failed. And why did they fail?  Unsustainable debt in the form of those sub-prime mortgages. And what was the national debt in those heady days of 2008?  … $9-$10 trillion dollars as I recall. What is it now?  On the order of $18 trillion. Our government … headed by Barack Obama has done nothing to address this out of control national debt … nor has Congress. If the huge debt held by bankers and mortgage lenders precipitated an economic collapse in 2008, what makes you think a soon to be national debt of $20 trillion dollars will not cause a much more sever collapse at some point in the future (try September 11, 2015 as a prediction for such a collapse … the Shemitah.)

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen said on many occasions that our national debt was the most serious national security threat we face as a nation. Why is this true? Because just when we need it most, as in the case of a serious national security crisis (war such as may be caused when Iran gains deliverable nuclear weapons), our economy will not be able to ramp up the resources to counter such a threat.

Our national debt is what it is because of a betrayal of fiscal and economic trust on the part of our federal leadership.

What happens to a civilization when trust and integrity are no longer factors in leadership … when trust and integrity is no longer factors in citizens selecting leadership?

Why does the air pressure in a football cause us to question the honesty of a football team? … why is the honesty of an NBC news anchor all of a sudden a big issue? …  but the moral vacuum of a president earns just a yawn as we reach for that next beer and handful of chips?

Rush Limbaugh frames it well when he asks – Why Do We Demand More Integrity from the News Anchor Than the People He Reports On? (Search for this in archives of Feb 11,2015)

Is there a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln on the American leadership horizon?

And what goes on in that big beautiful Presidential jet?

Don Johnson – February 2015


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