Barack Obama MisUnderestimated the ISIS Threat

The headline reads Obama faces backlash after blaming intel  community for missing ISIS.

This of course takes me back to the George W. Bush administration and the oft quoted “Bush lied – babies died”  mantra of the radical left. The  thrust of this profound bumper sticker foreign policy statement was that Bush lied us into the Iraq war and his lies caused countless deaths and disarray in the international community. This bumper sticker foreign policy was a significant contributor for the election of Barack H. Obama to the presidency and the furtherance of his own brand of profound bumper sticker foreign policy (leading from behind anyone?).

The Bush defense? Actually George W. Bush never put up much of a defense of his policies, and has been for the most part silent since leaving office in 2009. His defenders however, point out that virtually the entire intelligence community; foreign and domestic,  was unanimous in its assessment that the Hussein regime in Iraq was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and was a gathering threat for further WMD use beyond what he, Hussein, did in the past during the Iraq/Iran war.

So the Bush defense against the “Bush lied – babies died”  mantra boiled down to: Bush may have been mistaken, but did not lie. The left railed against this defense, but now we see the same defense raised on behalf of Barack Obama and his “surprise” at the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In fact, the president himself uses this defense on his own behalf.

Now let’s all board the Way Back machine and travel to that ancient time of September 2012 and look at this headline; Why is Obama skipping more than half of his daily intelligence meetings? But why should we trust a report from 2 years ago from a former Bush speech writer? Lets get a more recent update from the Government Accountability Institute at: which shows our Democrat Party Marketing Manager as having attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings. Such behavior in a Commander in Chief is unconscionable and deadly … as in contributing to the deaths of who knows how many around the world. Are apologies to President George W. Bush forthcoming?

It should surprise no one that this president is surprised by anything, especially concerning foreign policy, if he has indeed skipped a significant percentage of his daily intelligence meetings. As I wrote recently in A Constitutional Amendment,

Our current President, the President of the Democrat Party and Marketing Manager of the Democrat Party has his primary focus on his particular political party and agenda. He can’t possibly be focusing even a sizable minority of his time and energies on being the President of the United States of America. It’s just not reasonable to believe he is doing so.

So if the “Bush lied – babies died”  mantra holds against George W. Bush, could not a similar mantra be applied to Barack Obama … “Obama lied – nations died, are dying or are in danger of dying (Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya, Yemen … )”

Don Johnson – September 2014


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