Yale Bowl at 100 Years … Yale 49–Army 43 in Overtime

I guess we are truly New Englanders now. Today we walked the couple of blocks down to our local football stadium to partake in the festivities of the Yale vs. Army football game and all the festivities surrounding it.

When the Yale bowl opened for business in 1914 it was the largest sports venue in the world, and seated 61,446. That’s our neighborhood surrounding it.

It was the first bowl-shaped stadium in the country, and inspired the design of such stadiums as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Rose Bowl, and Michigan Stadium.

Todays game was proceeded with several hundred West Point cadets marching around and into the stadium, and West Point skydivers parachuting into the stadium carrying the game footballs.

One item that seemed to catch every ones attention was the half time show. The marching bands of the two schools combined at center field for the half time show.

An added bonus for Diana and I was that Diana’s good friend from kindergarten, Sally Held and her husband Woody have been with us for the last several days. Woody is a 40 year Army veteran who retired a few years back as Brigadier General after having served for 15 years as head of the language department at West Point … really fine people. Read about their retirement here.

Nice to be able to participate in such a momentous and historic event.

Don Johnson – September 2014


One response to “Yale Bowl at 100 Years … Yale 49–Army 43 in Overtime

  1. Love hearing about your adventures. Hope to see you next week if it works for you. If not, no worry. xo, Carol

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