A running List of Biological Evidences of Design in Nature

01/01/2015 – I will add at the top of this post those items I find of interest

Note: Many of these items have been presented to the National Center for Science Education NCSE blog over the past year as evidence for design in nature. All of these have been ignored by the NCSE principle authors, and rejected quite vigorously by commenters on the blog as being, for example, “creationist clap trap”.  And from what I have been able to infer is without any of them actually reading the material or watching the videos presented.


The Octopus: More Complex than a Simple Mollusk Should Be

Evidence for Intelligent Design: Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots … Robots that Mimic Human Movement

Digital and Analog Information Housed in DNA

Two researchers have demonstrated that DNA harbors information in both digital and analog formats. These two types of information appear to be coupled intrinsically through DNA nucleotide sequences to form an irreducibly complex system. This new insight reveals the elegant sophistication of genomes and advances the case for intelligent design by highlighting the remarkable analogy between the structure and operation of biochemical information systems and the information systems produced by human designers.

take six minutes out of your evening to watch this spectacular video produced by William Lane Craig:

If the mass and energy of the early universe were not evenly distributed to an incomprehensible precision of 1 part in 10 to the 10 to the 123rd, the universe would be hostile to life of any kind. The fact is, our universe permits physical, interactive life only because these, and many other numbers, have been independently and exquisitely balanced on a razor’s edge. … The best explanation for why the universe is fine-tuned for life may very well be, it was designed that way.

Virus – Assembly Of A Nano-Machine – video

This is an accurate science animation of the T4 bacteriophage virus that showing how the virus assembles itself after infecting an E. coli cell. These models were generated from data provided by the Michael Rossmann Lab at Purdue University.

Bacteriophage T4 DNA Packing

This is an accurate science animation of the T4 bacteriophage virus that shows how it packs DNA into the head/capsid of the virus. These models were generated from data provided by the Michael Rossmann Lab at Purdue University.

Here is a short video of the Bacteriophage ‘landing’ on a bacterium:

Bacteriophage T4 – landing – video

This is a highly accurate visualization of the Bacteriophage T4 based on Cryo-EM datasets of the virus. The scope of the animation is to show the infection process of the T4 into an E. coli cell. All scientific data sets and motion based off of research from Michael Rossmann Laboratory (Purdue University). Courtesy of Seyet LLC.

View more at http://www.seyet.com/t4_academic.html

Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body

A Journey Through the Human Eye: How We See

Imagine Designing Codes That Generate Functional Information When Read In Either Direction

“Antisense” is not the same thing as “nonsense” if there’s a reason for it. DNA is usually read in the “sense” direction — the direction that translates into a protein. The translation machinery can work in the opposite direction sometimes, though, producing an “antisense” RNA. Given our acquaintance with language, this would seem puzzling; what possible meaning could come from reading a paragraph backwards? Two recent papers show that cells can make sense out of antisense, by creating long noncoding RNA transcripts (lncRNAs) that act as switches.

*   *   *   *   *

This next one is long, but very fascinating and well worth watching. I hope you enjoy it.

I would be interested in any comments anyone has on this and the other articles listed below.

When I study the modern day findings of biological and cellular science, I again see at the very smallest level of life that, again as King David said  “… I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well.”   That this miracle of  life that has been  remarkably and wonderfully made I can now see for myself …  thanks to the creative mind of created man, and I can see it as  pointed specifically, personally and individually to me. I can see this in a variety of ways … in the embryonic development of a chicken egg where the full body plan of the chicken is shown after just two days of development … followed by the twenty some days till the bird escapes and becomes the chicken.  This remarkable development tells me –  no … it shows me, that contained within the very first second of the fertilization of the egg,  that the egg contains not only a type of  blueprint of that life to follow, but the very mechanism of its manufacture.

A few years back I wrote on what I labeled The Problem of “Massively Complex Synchronicity.” In that essay I tried to capture the sheer magnitude of life and its complexity and design. Since then I continue to find amazing findings and discoveries from the world of the life sciences. A good place to start is with a set of wall charts produced by Roche, a large biotech company.  These charts, Biochemical Pathways, “provide a graphical overview of the most important biochemical pathways all in one place.”


I don’t presume to say that Roche takes a particular position on evolution/creation/Intelligent design;  I don’t know and I suspect they are silent on the matter.  I use the wall charts here as sort of an umbrella under which one could reasonable infer design at the cellular level (i.e. life itself). One who has commented about the charts is   Don McLeroy at To My Listening Ear.

So what else have I found under this umbrella?

Peer-Reviewed Science: What the Field of Systems Biology Can Tell Us About Intelligent Design

When Biologists Think Like Engineers: How the Burgeoning Field of Systems Biology Supports Intelligent Design – Evolution News & Views

Systems Biology as a Research Program for Intelligent Design | Snoke | BIO-Complexity

10/06/2014 – **********    New content here  ******************************

Here is Richard Dawkins in his younger days demonstrating how the eye evolved. All we see here is a contrived demonstration showing mechanical and optical devices constructed by Dawkins and his aides … a short primer on basic optical principles, but no biology or evolutions shown here.

Here at about 42 minutes, is an updated version of Richard Dawkins explanation of how the eye evolved. Modern props with great video and scenery, and a young attractive advocate   … but still an entirely contrived demonstration of some basic optical principle’s with no actual biological or evolutionary content other than constant assertions that what is being shown is evolution.

Now here is a more up to date rendering of how the eye evolved that is considered to be the final nail in the theological idea of the eye being a designed system:

But read the following as a counter to that so called nail … note that the technology has changed, but the human designer produced mechanical demonstration of Dawkins and Dr. Brian Cox  are still there but now hidden in the technology of computers.

Could the eye have evolved by natural selection in a geological blink?

********  End of new content, but continue reading the next few items on even more study of the eye  ***********************

Specialized Retinal Cells Are a “Design Feature,” Showing that the Argument for Suboptimal Design of the Eye “Is Folly”

Confirmation of a Creationist Prediction Becomes Even More Stunning | Proslogion

A model of the vertebrate retina, showing the Müller cells (image by Dr. Jens Grosche, Universität Leipzig, found in reference 2)

Wavelength dependent optical fibres in the mammalian eye

Researchers Suggest Molecular Machine Is Irreducibly Complex – Evolution News & Views

Look at and consider the following video:

About Us | Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchAbout Us | Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Biological Information – New Perspectives A Synopsis and Limited Commentary. My Limited Review of This Synopsis and Limited Commentary — (Don’t be intimidated by this title) | A Yearning for Publius

Imagine How It Happened! “Evolution Presents” the Ribosome, “Nature’s Masterpiece”

The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin

If Nature’s Designs Weren’t So Good, Engineers Wouldn’t Be Rushing to Imitate Them – Evolution News & Views

The Challenge of Design in Nature | A Yearning for Publius

UD Commenter (and US Navy veteran), ayearningforpublius, on: “The Challenge of Design in Nature” | Uncommon Descent

“I’ve grown accustomed to your face . . . ” — headlining a comment by ayearningforpublius to pose the question of origin of a significant case of FSCO/I . . . functionally specific, complex organization and/or associated information | Uncommon Descent

And the following pictorial caught my eye recently from Why Greta Christina’s critique of God-guided evolution misses the mark | Uncommon Descent

In looking at the above pictorial and mentally stepping through the steps involved in translation, my mind came back to those days when I was directly involved in the software process of detecting a message embedded in a stream of data entering our system. The message(s) occupied only a percentage of the available bandwidth, so what we had was a mixed stream of random bits with periods of ‘system specific’ messages.
The technique of extracting these messages is quite similar to that described in the RNA Translation wherein the detecting system looks for a sync pattern – a predetermined specific bit pattern (e.g. x’0E0E0E0E’),and then starts clocking in the following bits until it encounters a predetermined pattern of stop bits, at which point it terminates the message and passes it to data storage for use by downstream processes. Alternatively, the message processing could terminate after a predetermined fixed number of bits.

And, as in nature, this process of message detection was but the beginning of a chain of events producing a useful and desired product of providing visual products used by combat aircrews in training for their mission of defending against adversaries.

So here again, it seems we have an analogy between a design in nature and a design at the hands (and minds) of human Intelligent Designers.

Don Johnson – Sept 2014


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