A Constitutional Amendment


“The President of the United, the Vice-President of the United States nor any administration cabinet head (e.g. Secretary of State) shall engage in no partisan political activity of any sort – this applies to partisan fundraising, speeches, books, fund raising dinners or anything of the sort that is partisan politics. Nor shall any of the afore mentioned elected and appointed officials use any, repeat, any government property or services for partisan political purposes (e.g. Air Force-1)“

We elect a person to be President of the United States of America … all of America, and not the President of a particular political party or political philosophy.  For the last 6 years we have not had such a president … we have had a president of the Democrat Party, and in particular a president of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party, which seems to be its majority. The rest of us have been kicked to the ditch.

What we have witnessed in the last 6 years is a president who could more accurately be described as the Vice President of Marketing, or Marketing Manager of the Democrat Party. We have seen this man board that very expensive Boeing 747 on average what seems like twice a week to raise funds for a particular political movement.

Most of us who have had a working career of any duration, who have been in the military or have stayed at home to raise a family realize that  even though the demands of the job are many, and at times conflicting and pressing, when you are on the job at the factory, the office, on the ship or at the home front … you realize that you must place your primary focus  on the primary job at hand.

Our current President, the President of the Democrat Party and Marketing Manager of the Democrat Party has his primary focus on his particular political party and agenda. He can’t possibly be focusing even a sizable minority of his time and energies on being the President of the United States of America. It’s just not reasonable to believe he is doing so.

So let us help future Americans, and future American Presidents and their inner circles by forcing them by Constitutional amendment to be the actual leaders of the American People  …  all American people – to uphold and market and champion  the values that have made this nation that “shining city on the hill” that has attracted so many contributors to these shores,  attracted by liberty and opportunity … to build the nation both economically and strategically so as to continue to be that “exceptional nation” that has defended  liberty throughout the world.

Don Johnson – Sept 2014


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