The Nice People of New York City


We’ve just spent a couple of delightful days in New York City with our friends Fran and Neil from Butte Montana.

The fellow above sitting with Diana is Jim, an inspector for a utility company who stopped by as we were having coffee before our day in “the city”.  Nice fellow and we had a good time together.

Later on we went into the Central Park Conservatory, Garden, a beautiful garden with plenty of gorgeous flowers and plants and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. We talked with some of these people and it was obvious they were proud of their garden, and their city.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park

On the way out of the garden we (actually I) accosted one of the volunteers and asked if she could spare a quarter for a beer. I soon changed my pitch and begged a quarter for the bus so the four of us could go to lower Manhattan.  She soon realized I was just some foolish old fellow striking up a conversation (actually, we were digging in purses and pockets for change), and she looked diligently for that quarter while rummaging through her own purse while telling us of the attractions we shouldn’t miss while visiting her city. A very nice New Yorker wanting to share her city with us visitors.

We finally got on the bus and set off to lower Manhattan.  While on the bus I was fascinated and awed by some of the architecture I was seeing along the way. As we passed by the Woolworth building and I was straining my neck, the lady behind me started to tell me about the building and its beauty both inside and out.

Top of the Woolworth building


Finally at the end of our stay, Diana & I took the subway to the Metro North Harlem train station. It was not clear to us if the train right before us on the track was the one to New Haven – it was 6:15 and our train was scheduled for 6:17 on that same track – so we got on, still a bit confused. Well a nice New York lady sitting on the bench outside the train realized that we had just boarded the wrong train and called us off the train – just in time as it was about to leave the station … thank you Nice New York Lady.  

And let me not forget the friendly New York cop on the street. They are always ready to help with directions for the lost tourists like us.

Don Johnson – August 2014


2 responses to “The Nice People of New York City

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    They certainly new you were a tourist. She was thinking where does he think he is going to get a beer in New York for a quarter?

  2. So glad you had a nice visit!!! NYC is amazing!!!

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