RIKEN’s 10-minute antidote to atheism: see for yourself


A very fascinating animation of the sorts of things that are happening in each and every one of our many, many cells.

You ask … why is this just a graphic animation, and not actual video through a microscope or something? Good question, and one I ask as well.

I think the reason is; this is happening on such a small scale that it is outside the limits of any optical technology we currently have. So somehow all of this must be gathered by indirect means, and I haven’t come up with the explanations yet. If and when I do, I will pass that information on as well.

Further to this, here is where I first discovered this video:





One response to “RIKEN’s 10-minute antidote to atheism: see for yourself

  1. Further to the wonder of this animation, take a look at my advise to the atheist at Comment #11 here: http://www.uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/rikens-10-minute-antidote-to-atheism-see-for-yourself/

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