Guest Commentary: Current state of the Union


America, Love it or Leave it

That means you too Mr. Obama!!!

By: Dean Elliot


Remember that statement made 5 days before Obama took office in 2009? That statement raised a few eyebrows then but most didn’t understand at that time the full meaning of what he intended to do to our country. The press gave him a pass and the uninformed voted for him not because of his experience, education, leadership techniques, or the content of his character (most of these were unknown) but simply because of the color of his skin and the fact that he could read a teleprompter.

If you look at how he has acted since he has been in office, he has never gotten out of campaign mode. Well, maybe a little; he does play golf a lot, but depending on who he plays with, that could be campaigning as well. Case in point: The strike on Benghazi in the evening. Where was he? After he was informed, he went to bed to rest up for his trip to Las Vegas for a fundraiser and a round of golf the next day. Baghdad is about to be overrun. Where is he? Jumps on AirForce One and goes to Palm Springs for a fundraiser and more golf. Where are the priorities here?? Fundamentally Changing America, “playing” president, and lavish vacations (at taxpayer expense) are the obvious priorities.

Why does he want to change America? He grew up outside of our country, went to Muslim schools, befriended communist radicals and absorbed their teachings, styles and goals, and sat under the religious teaching of Rev Wright, who hates America and is a radical racist. What do you expect form a man with such background. There is still “hushed” controversy over his place of birth and thus his eligibility to be president. He and his wife (who stated ‘I am finally proud to be an American’) have spent large amounts of money hiding their school records and anything else that would provide insight into their background. If you want to hide these things, then there must be something to hide. Based on the color of his skin, the press gives him a pass.

To accomplish the goal of changing America he surrounded himself with radicals, communists, marxists and gave them the authority to accomplish his goals.

Some of his first actions were to tour the World apologizing for how bad America has been, patting our enemies on the back, alienating our friends and bowing to Muslim leaders. He does nothing to stand up to those threatening us. The result is that no one is afraid of what we might do if they attack. ie; Benghazi: no one has even been indicted 2 years later. Israel, our only friend in the region, can’t trust or depend on us any more. European leaders have absolutely no respect for him.

By the way, based on his actions with Muslims, he is at best a Muslim sympathizer and at worst an undercover outright Muslim.

Then there are the scandals and cover-ups. Does any one in this administration care. I think not. Obama does not care as long as he can get away with ignoring the adverse situations or making some ovations to appease the critics. If these situations do not directly affect his ultimate goal of “Change” or his vacations, then he really doesn’t care what happens.

What is the result for America? We are weak in the world. World leaders who are our friends don’t trust our president; they view us as floundering on the world scene. We have pulled back as a world power to keep evil in check and evil is filling the gap. Soon this evil will be not only at our doorstep but will have caused more and worse damage than that which 9-11 did to our country.

I haven’t said anything about the debt crises. By the time Obama leaves office, he will have increased the national debt by $10 trillion, more debt than all the other presidents combined. This in itself will bring the country to it’s knees.

Who is going to stop this monster that we have for a president. Congress seems powerless and the Supreme Court won’t stand up and say enough is enough. It seems that some of the country is waking up. Maybe they will show some resolve in the voting booths in November. Hopefully there will be some credible people counting the votes this time. The problems discussed here will only get worse, I’m afraid, until Obama is out of office. Since impeachment is probably not in the cards, we will have to endure for another 2 years. If conservatives can hold the house and take over the Senate maybe they can at lease slow Obama down and stand up and say enough is enough!

We need to remember that God knows what is going on and is ultimately in control. There is a sign as you come into Mojave, Ca that has been there for years. It reads as follows:

“2 Chronicles 7:14 – If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Our Christian Nation needs to heed that verse from the Bible and get on our knees and maybe we can see the kind of change that is needed.


Dean Elliot – June 2014


6 responses to “Guest Commentary: Current state of the Union

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    2 Chronicles 14 is in the word so it certainly is true if we as a nation would repent. How most of modern day people I trust God has given special wisdom (such as Hal Lindsey, David Reagan and so many others) feel the USA has passed the point of no return. We [see] God’s hedge of protection being removed from our country every day. Churches redefining the scriptures to fit their own desires. We see a redefinition by many churches of who Jesus was. Since He is God that is not possible since it is clearly stated He is Holy and He is the same yesterday, today and forever concerning holiness and character.
    How is it possible we can easily name six scandals going on within our government at the same time. We see a nation having earthquakes in strange places, strange weather patterns, water shortages, political problems around the world and schools and other places becoming places of danger rather than place of refuge. In the fall we will be in a shemitah year and then we may really see what it looks like without any hedge. May the God of the universe have mercy on the USA.

  2. I have to say, that this is the best parody of what passes for the unhinged side of conservative thought and commentary I have ever read. You worked it all in. Vacations, muslim schools, Benghazi, socialists, communists, Wright, apology tour, world thinking we are weak, debt, birther, turning our backs on Israel… You even worked in “love it or leave it” and were able to tie it up in a bow by finishing with an out of context bible verse. Awesome. And the tone, the tone, absolutely perfect with the false nostalgia, the tired outrage, the sense of lost america, and even the call to arms for taking back congress. I can see why Don would have wanted to post this. You pushed all the right buttons.

    Well, perhaps not all. I mentioned above a call to arms, but you left out an actual call to arms or at least a mention of Obama the monster wanting to take away all the guns. Oh, and Solyndra. You forgot that one too, along with negotiating with terrorists. Next time maybe. Kudos on attracting a commenter to add the missing end-times commentary though.

    • A early wakeup and then gone for several weeks with limited access. When I get back I will respond to your remarks – in any case, thanks for the remarks. In the mean time, be nice to one another – all of you.


    • Thanks for your comments matt. Though you direct your comments to a “Guest Commentary” by Dean, I will take the liberty to respond since this is my blog and you also include me in your comments.

      First of all I would like to direct your attention to something I wrote very early on in this blog … “Why I Write” as a top level menu item; I also include the majority of it here for your convenience.

      I revisit this essay periodically as well as other blog entries as a reminder of why I continue my contribution to our national dialog, and to try and stay true to this, my own personal mission statement.

      * * * * *

      “Publius? … you’re yearning for … publius? Who the hell is publius?

      Yes Publius! I’m yearning for some clear headed thinking such as was demonstrated by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay in writing the Federalist Papers; a magnificent defense and critique of the Constitution they had just helped create. You see, this Constitution was unique in world history at the time, and in subsequent years formed the foundational contract and standard for what became the greatest source for good of any civilization ever to grace this planet.

      Publius! The pseudonym taken on by three great American patriots; Hamilton, Madison and Jay.

      I’ve named this work in honor of “Publius”, who did so much in assuring that I, their posterity, and hopefully my posterity, would have the privilege, honor and responsibility of living under so great a legal and social contract as the U.S. Constitution.

      Yes, I yearn for such clear thinking in my time.

      I write because it is important for me to state my positions as clearly as I can on the great issues of my time; from religion to politics and much in between.

      I write because it is my hope that those close to me; my children, grandchildren and all who follow me will have a record of who I was and where I stood on the great issues of my time.

      I write to leave a lasting legacy of the person I was.

      I write in the hopes of influencing someone in a positive way.

      I write because this is who I am, and this is who I wish to be remembered as.

      In the Old Testament book of Joshua (Chapters 3&4), there is a description of the Israelites crossing the Jordan river as it dried up before them. Mind you, at this time of year the river was at flood stage, and yet they crossed over on dry land. As a memorial to that event and what God had done for them, Joshua commanded the people to make a memorial of stones.
      Yet we see later in the book of Judges (Chapter 2) that following the death of Joshua and his generation that “After them another generation rose up who did not know the Lord or the works He had done for Israel.”
      I do not want to come up short in leaving a remembrance of my generation.

      It is here that I lay out as much of me on the table as I dare, risking that I will offend and alienate, but laying out the truth as I have come to know it. Risking that I may be hurt, and will cause hurt. I do this because I have come to know that truth is vitally important, and that it can be found.

      Most of the essays here reflect reactions to the madness I see in our culture and politics. You may not agree with what I write, but I hide very little and give you ample opportunity to see my world view. I seek not to impose this world view, but try to imitate Jesus, who being a gentleman, stands quietly at the door knocking.

      Publius sought truth and to a large degree found it and passed it on to the rest of us.

      Were they perfect in this and did they create the perfect constitution, the perfect nation or the perfect government? Were they themselves perfect? No, and again No. But they found truth that would guide a nation on the God given principle of the value and worth of the individual man; value and worth that demands he be free from the tyranny of kings, dictators and tyrants of all sorts that would enslave him, be it be political or religious or any other form of enslavement.”

      * * * * *
      So there you have my undisguised motivations for writing, and for this blog.

      Writing has long been my preferred method of communication when it comes to contentious issues, and a habit I developed years ago, at work, in dealing with sometimes highly charged technical and business issues and very opinionated and vocal (myself included) colleagues. Writing gives me breathing room and a space to collect my thoughts, do a bit of research and return to the subject at hand with a (hopefully) more reasoned position.

      This blog has not been my only avenue of contribution, and I have weighed in at several other on-line sites when I have felt it important to state a position, often contrary to the trend of the topic at hand.

      As I state in “Why I Write”:
      ‘I lay out as much of me on the table as I dare, risking that I will offend and alienate, but laying out the truth as I have come to know it. Risking that I may be hurt, and will cause hurt.’
      This has not been easy, and has resulted in a long series of insults, attacks and accusations from a wide variety of sources:

      “You are being propagandized by Glenn Beck!”
      “You are being brainwashed by FoxNews”
      “If all the brains of Republicans were put into the head of a bird it would fly backwards.”
      Accusations of Tea Party sympathies being racist.
      Accusations of Tea Party sympathies being akin to terrorism – this from a friend of 40 years, and any number of high ranking Democrat politicians and media luminaries .
      Glenn Beck likened to a Nazi – thus smearing both Beck and his audience (like me) with a vile and totally false and baseless brush.
      Similar smears against Limbaugh and thus his audience.
      And then we get into the controversy between Evolution/Creation/Intelligent Design, and the insults and accusations truly become vile and far fetched:

      “morally, ethically and legally guilty …”
      “child abuser”
      “a traitor to your nation”

      Many times I have become discouraged and tempted to give up the fight. But somehow my fingers make it back to the keyboard for yet another skirmish.

      * * * * *

      So there you have it … once again I’ve bared my soul and motivations, and some of my struggles. So now let’s return to the subject at hand; the guest commentary along with comments and your criticisms.

      First of all, thanks for the near total lack of insults – sarcasm is there, but that’s OK and a legitimate form of critique.

      You well encapsulate Dean’s commentary, and Ron’s comments. However, in your sarcasm you fail to critically address the issues and concerns expressed by Dean and Ron. Just to pick out a few of these concerns:

      National Debt: Under the stewardship of Barack Obama, the national debt will have ballooned to some 20 trillion dollars at the end of his tenure – this being roughly twice all previous administrations combined. Debt of this magnitude has at least two potentially devastating components; strategic and domestic.

      On the strategic level a nation deeply in debt, especially to foreign interests, runs the risk of being unable to protect its national interests abroad, and to respond to serious national security threats, both to itself and to partners and allies abroad. This aspect of national debt is two pronged – first is the lack of national treasure to address strategic issues, and secondly, reacting to an external threat from foreign entities holding significant, if not controlling, interest in the American debt structure and obligations.

      On the domestic level a nation deeply in debt becomes severely crippled in dealing with domestic issues of a national sort; disaster relief comes to mind, and I’m sure you can think of others in this category.

      Thirdly, excessive debt often results in a destruction of the national economy, and a devaluation of currency such that family savings are wiped out and the costs of purchasing basic needs outstrips income, often by a large margin.

      Nations have failed because of excessive national debt. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has stated on numerous occasions that he considers the national debt as the most serious of all national security issues.

      So matt … I would suggest you delve deeper into the issue of national debt. If you come to a reasoned and researched conclusion that debt as we see it today is of little or no concern to me or you – to our children and grandchildren, then share with us how you have come to that conclusion. On the other hand, if after studying the issue you see a growing concern … share that as well. But don’t just throw the word ‘debt’ into an admittedly well crafted critique of others concerns.

      The world thinking we are weak. I have addressed this concern previously at: History Shows That a Power Vacuum Will Always be Filled | A Yearning for Publius and invite you to read it and draw your own conclusions. These thoughts and conclusions are not my own original thinking, but derive from a lifelong study of current events and history – and the lessons that can be learned if we would only listen (its called paying attention).

      I remember vividly the chalk-board talks Glenn Beck gave describing the coming Islamic Caliphate. As a related and recent update, to this issue of weakness (real or perceived), I refer you to: Iraq and Vietnam … and Afghanistan … and Pakistan … and … and … | A Yearning for Publius where I present two distinct approaches to the use of American strength.

      Hitler’s perception of European weakness contributed to his boldness in launching his war of conquest throughout Europe.

      So Dean’s concern here is a legitimate one and not at all ‘unhinged conservative thought and commentary.’

      Obama’s background: Dean’s comments about Obama’s background (Muslim schools, socialists, communists, Wright, apology tour, birther … ) were brought up early on in the run-up to the 2008 election. Unfortunately this background was flagged almost exclusively by conservative observers such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The concerns were ignored and ridiculed by the so-called Main Stream Media. And yet these revelations have withstood the test of time and as further information comes to light it remains chilling that a man of such questionable character was elevated to the leadership of the United States and the free world.

      The associations are there to see and have been documented: the Communist and anti-colonialist leanings of his parents and grandparents, his time in Indonesia and the Muslim schools there; Weather Underground founder and terrorist Bill Aires and Bernadine Dornan, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinski of “Rules for Radicals” fame, the Palestinian scholar Edward Said, Brazilian revolutionary Roberto Mangabeira and the anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright.

      The reluctance to release his birth certificate and school records from Columbia, Harvard and Chicago should have been cause for concern. Perhaps they contain nothing of interest, but why would a man seeking the presidency hide the record of an important part of his past and development.

      These are not just ‘unhinged conservative thought and commentary.’ Rather they are hinged to the historical remembrance of the twentieth century’s flirtation with Communism which resulted in massive slavery across much of the world and an estimated 100,000,000 deaths. We would be wise to reject any flirtation of such philosophies and ideologies among our leaders.

      So again matt, a study of history and current events is recommended – then tell us why a man with the credentials of Barack Obama is of little or no concern.

      A recommended source of such history, as it relates to our president, are any of the books by Dinesh D’Souza.

      * * * * *

      Lastly let me say a few things about Ron’s comments on ‘end-times.’ I would advice you to not take Biblical warnings and admonitions lightly, and here are a few reasons why:

      The history of the nation Israel and the Jewish people was written centuries ago by what many might consider ‘ignorant goat herders.’ This history included the history during the ancient times of the writers, and progresses through the diaspora (the scattering of Jews throughout the world), up to modern times and the re-establishment of the nation Israel in it ancient land. Much of this history is not at all complementary towards Israel or the Jews, and paints a pretty bleak picture of life as a Jew – persecution and hounded are some of the words used by these ancient Jewish prophets.

      There will be a time to come, according to these same ignorant goat herders, when Israel will have no friends and will be surrounded on all sides by enemies – this to happen in the ‘end-times.’ To some of us, we see the US as having abandoned the Jews and Israel. We see this in the Presidents May 2011 admonition to Israel to revert to the ‘pre-1967’ borders … borders many Israelis refer to as the Auschwitz borders. We also see this abandonment in the form of the tacit US approval of Iranian deliverable nuclear weapons … this to a regime that has pledged to complete the Nazi plan of extermination of the Jews.

      Again matt … thanks for your comments. But I leave you with a little advise. You craft a well structured argument in the sense of covering the issues. But you leave out the rational and factual basis for your argument – thus leaving little impact on the readers. Disagree, but provide substantive meat for such disagreement.

      Best regards,


  3. Comment is superfluous.

    Yes, clearly I would need to do some reading, delving deeper as you suggest, to be able to come to “reasoned conclusions” such as yours. Got it. Debt is bad and Obama is bad and being weak is bad even when strong and Obama is bad and nefarious and communism and Israel…. Yes. Clearly I need to read more from quality sources like D’Souza if I want to be able to reason like this… Then I would have me some impact on the readers. I will clearly need to work on that.

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