Mass Evacuations: Vietnam & Iraq

I’ve just finished a revision of my book “I Didn’t Want to Worry You Mom … ” in which I’ve added a couple stories on the ironically heartwarming evacuation of South Vietnam, and the US Navy’s involvement in rescuing some 20,000 to 30,000 evacuees who were facing almost certain death.

Below are some of the scenes from that horrible time. Do a search on “USS Kirk” and you can get a very real sense of the situation and the heroics of the crew of that small US destroyer.

This evacuation was unnecessary since the US and South Vietnamese military had achieved a military victory over the North Vietnamese Communists culminating in the Paris Peace Treaty.

However, the Democrat controlled US Congress voted to cut off all funds to the South Vietnamese government, effectively rendering that country defenseless against the invaders from the North. A blood bath followed, including the slaughter of some 2 million people in neighboring Cambodia, as Pol Pot had no resistance to his slaughter.

Below these pictures of the Vietnamese refugees, are some early and recent pictures from Iraq as militant Islam seems to be running loose. Again, the US has abandoned a nation for which our soldiers sacrificed so much. I hope we are not on the verge of yet another blood bath.

Very soon we may be seeing yet another country fall to the forces of evil – the nation I speak of is Pakistan with a nuclear weapons arsenal. When that happens an evil will have been unleashed having power to kill millions … and we will have no say in whatever happens.

There’s an old song “People need the Lord … ” Do you know Him?


Early evacuees from the cities of Iraq.


Don Johnson – June 2014


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