America! Where are we going? A Guest Commentary

This commentary is from a long time friend. We’ve known Dean since the early 1990s when we moved to Ridgecrest, CA –  a small town in the high Mohave Desert of California. 

America! Where are we going?

The majority of us who sit and ponder what is happening to our America, the one that we have enjoyed and loved over the past 70+ years of our lifetime, if we stop and really look back at what has been happening, won’t wonder any more. We have been duped over the years by a few power greedy individuals who want to have complete control over the general populace. To a large degree they have succeeded by numbing our senses and moving what the public will accept a little bit at a time until more and more things unacceptable in the past become the “norm” for the majority (i.e. abortion, homosexuality, violence and sexual explicitness in the theaters and on TV to name a few). Glenn Beck calls this the Overton Window.

This shifting of the norm and the willingness to accept and expect government handout as a way of life in lieu of a work ethic to become successful has played into the hands of the “Big Government is the answer” people; the Democratic Party; the party that will go to any means to maintain power and destroy the America that our founding fathers envisioned and established the structure for. As Ronald Reagan stated, government is not the solution, government is the problem.

Well, the tearing down of our form of government has been coming on for some time but not to the extent that has happened in the past 5 years under the current administration. They have really “turned up the fire” while we have slept. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all the majority of Americans who are “on the take” from the government along with the non-thinking persons who don’t care what happens to America elected a man based on the color of his skin and his promise of Hope and Change. It didn’t matter what his “change” was; he failed to tell us before the election. It didn’t matter that he had never had a significant job; had never run anything other that as a Community Organizer; had no financial experience; no experience with foreign policy/affaire/relations. To top it all off he and his wife showed open contempt for America. This should be no surprise either. He was raised outside our country, went to Muslim schools, befriended and was mentored by Radicals, a Pastor who hates America, Communists and Chicago hoods. He doesn’t know the truth from a lie and will do anything to achieve his goal of changing America.

You remember when he declared before taking office for the first time; “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America. The key word here is fundamentally. We let that slide at the time and didn’t ask what he meant by that. He meant what he said and surrounded himself with like minded radicals to advise and help him carry out his plan for changing America into a socialist/communist nation. To help him along this path he has the mainstream media on his side. They didn’t VET him before the election and they continue to give him a pass on everything that he does. Included in this pass is the fact that he is trying to rewrite the Constitution by his actions (I don’t need Congress, I have a phone and a pen).

The scandals and “cover-ups” that have plagued the administration have been largely ignored by the Press. There should have been numerous firings and an several resignations. President Obama’s henchmen and women that he has surrounded himself with have the same mindset re our country that he has and no matter what directions they take, mistakes they make or how incompetent they are, they will never be fired or step down no regardless of any pressure that congress puts on them. They are very supportive of his agenda and he will not let them resign or fire them as long as they remain supportive of his “change America agenda”. He has been fortunate to have the Senate on his side, no thanks to Harry Reid or there might have been more accountability.

He is seen as the weak President he is by all the major World Leaders, and those that want to take advantage of that fact can do anything they want without threat of any repercussions from the USA. We were starting to be seen as a paper tiger prior to Obama. Now the tiger part has been removed. To strengthen that premise he is in the process of decimating our military strength. In addition he has continually, openly embraced the Muslims, which includes the radicals who are trying to eliminate us and are open about that goal. As I see it, if he is not a Muslim, he is a strong sympathizer to their cause.

The President has had no impact on the direction in Syria, no impact on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and he has turned his back on our only ally in the mid-east; Israel. Now he is dealing with Putin, who has absolutely no respect for Obama. Therefore Putin can do whatever he wants without any worry about repercussions from the USA.

I recently received a list of actions that Obama could do to bring the Russian economy to it’s knees:

  1. Ban the use of coal,
  2. Mandate that Russia goes on Obamacare,
  3. Allow no drilling on Russian public land,
  4. Let the EPA control Russian business,
  5. Re-define the full time Russian work week to 30 hrs,
  6. Raise the Russian minimum wage,
  7. Demand the Russian Government pay free Welfare benefits to un-qualified Citizens and Illegal immigrants.
  8. Spend more money than you take in and help bankrupt the nation
  9. Encourage congress to pass major legislation without first reading it

This should work with the Russian economy. It has brought our country to the brink of disaster.

Is there any hope for our country? Can the damage that has been done be reversed? Some can and some can’t. Whatever actions that can be taken to turn our country around must start at the polls in the next two elections. The conservatives must get out and vote. For anything meaningful to take place the House, Senate and the White House all must be conservative and have conservative leadership. There must be solid agreed upon plans put forth by the republican party on how to get the budget under control, stop the debt slide, reverse our world standing, put Americans back to work, reduce the regulations on business, how to handle the Iran nuclear ambitions, and define a way to make us energy independent and help our European allies become energy independent of Russian gas (at least in the immediate future). These plans must be in place and espoused by all the conservative candidates prior to the next elections.

We love our country as envisioned by our founding fathers, and we cannot, we must not give up hope. We must stand and fight the forces that want to destroy our country! We can and we must win! Conservatives, stand up and be counted!!

God Bless America

Dean Elliott  — April 2014


2 responses to “America! Where are we going? A Guest Commentary

  1. Thanks Don. Dean has nailed the status of this country. My only hope is that they are properly replaced by elected conservatives. I fear that Obama will not relinquish his position through elections. My fear is he will create a “crisis” and declare martial law, consummating his dictatorship! Ron

  2. Ronald Vander Griend

    One of everyones concerns should be is that President Obama cannot afford to leave office. Let’s say he get voted out of office by a Republican in 2016. All of the scandals, intentional mis-information, and lies he has been able to conceal through his corrupt administration will come out like a worn out hose full of leaks. This leaves us with some very scary options. He is sitting on top of the lid of a box that holds all these secrets. Once the lid comes off, his legacy will not be the legacy he has projected in his own mind. He found it easy to blame Bush for the past five years, but he has created a legacy that will allow any future presidents to blame him for 50 years. So this is the dilemma. How will he use his pen and phone to keep his secrets in the box. As I said, his potential options are scary to think about.

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