Genesis 1 as Child Abuse

I’ve written before of my concern that a day is coming when any teaching of creation or Intelligent Design to children – whether it be in the homes, schools, church, synagogue would be codified into federal law as “child abuse.” You may see this as paranoia, and I hope you are right.

But when I pay attention to what is going on in our culture and politics, and I connect some dots, I see a very disturbing possibility that we must guard against.

Let me show you some of these dots:

Huckabee: What if gov’t decided you weren’t a good parent?

Prominent Attorney Alan Dershowitz Says He’d ‘Like to Help Out’ Parents of Justina Pelletier in Custody Battle

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Biblical Speech Opposing Homosexual Behavior is a ‘Hate Crime’

Swedish Pastor Faces Jail for Preaching against Homosexuality


Richard Dawkins: Religious indoctrination is child abuse

Lawrence Krauss, a professor at Arizona State University, recently announced that he believes teaching biblical creation to youngsters is “child abuse.”

Evolutionary Biologist Jerry Coyne on Religion as Child Abuse

Dawkins has taken flak for characterizing religious indoctrination of children as “child abuse.”  Well, look at this picture and deny it.  [The picture depicts a young child holding a sign that reads: Behead all those who insult the Prophet.] True, it’s not the same as beating or sexually molesting one’s child, but the brain of this boy is being warped and twisted by vicious Muslim ideology.  What hope does he have when he grows up?

This also shows how crazy it is to characterize Islam as “the religion of peace.”

Somehow—and this will never happen, of course—it should be illegal to indoctrinate children with religious belief.

My comments to the National Center for Science Education.
And read the response from Ray Sutera directly following my comment. That is the only response I received from my challenge to the “child abuse” accusations I’ve seen at NCSE.

Now read a response from one of the commenters in NCSE and notice the accusations of criminality in this man’s words. The Mysterious Mr. Moore, Part 1 | NCSE

In fact, your apparently intelligent writing will have more effects on our data-seeking children & poorly-educated, gullible adults, so you have much more responsibility for the mental abuses you can inflict on them, making you morally, ethically & criminally liable in your efforts to spread your bullshit around the populace….

NCSE is not just some hole in the wall organization. They are very influential and successful in assuring that only Darwinian evolution is taught in the schools.

There are more dots in this scenario, and when I cluster the above dots I see two prominent spikes in the data:

The governmental/legal spike as illustrated in the Pelletier case highlighted by Gov. Mike Huckabee and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz (not often allies I might add), and in the two articles about Biblical teaching about homosexuality in Canada and Sweden. I might add here that a friend in Northern Idaho tells me that Canadians cross the border into Idaho so as to hear uncensored Biblical preaching.

The other spike I see is on the academic scene as illustrated by Dawkins, Coyne, Krauss and NCSE.  This spike I see as the more dangerous since these academic superstars hold the attention and influence the lives of young students in sometimes very profound ways – and it doesn’t take a majority to cause a major shift in public opinion and public policy – hence law. These folks are cultivating/poisoning  the soil in preparation for a totally secular nation devoid of religion of any sort.

*   *   *   *

And let me add this note which I also hope is paranoia on my part.

From my very limited view point it seems that the church has for the most part abandoned the battlefield of origins and other social concerns. I say limited view point because I am only one man listening for the most part to the messages from a very limited set of sermons. The sermons are quite good, and necessary, and teach the very fundamental necessities of the articles of the Christian faith … but …

When I first became a Christian in 1981, our pastor, Dick Emery made us aware – on a regular basis – of what was going on in the world around us. He did this from the pulpit as well as in informing us of other avenues of awareness.

A story I greatly treasure is of his preschool son and a time when the kids shared what their daddy did at work. Young Jerrod said “my daddy lays around all week reading books … and on Sunday he gets up and tells everyone about them … “

Very true of Pastor Dick … a well read, well informed man who kept us informed.

That’s been over 35 years ago, and in a time when there was, as I recall, much teaching and preaching on the social issues of the day – abortion, homosexuality, origins, prophesy, the faith of American founders and more. It was the day of Chuck Smith, Hal Lindsey, D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robinson and yes … Dick Emery.

I value those days because as a recent atheist, and a struggling new Christian, I needed those counters to the world view I was coming out of.

But in the intervening years, and under a number of pastors in a number of churches in various parts of the country, I haven’t been hearing it. I know it’s out there, and I hope young people are hearing it … but I do wonder.

Don Johnson – March 2014


One response to “Genesis 1 as Child Abuse

  1. Ronald Vander Griend

    So what is all the fuss about common core? It leads us right down the road of worldly thinking without any regard for the Biblical truth. No room for thinking when training the future generation. Just robotic right and wrong answers to an academia gone mad. Less the days be shortened I am sure from what I read all you will need to know at some point would be a chip planted in the brain giving you all you need to know. Puppet people controlled by the insane asylum.

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