I’ve made the headlines (again) — well sort of.

Awhile back I wrote an essay I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face that was headlined and highlighted on the Intelligent Design web site Uncommon Decent. UD as it is called is one of the pre-eminent homes of those speaking out on behalf of and in defense of Intelligent Design (ID). ID stands in contrast to the widely accepted theory of Darwinian Evolution as the explanation of life on Earth, and thus is the target of much derision and scorn. 

I’ve been on that battlefield for a number of years, and stick my oar in these very troubled waters quite often. And believe me it gets ugly and tiring.

My latest foray is an essay, The Challenge of Design in Nature,  prompted by dialog between myself and those in and around the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).   Again, the managers of Uncommon Descent have honored me by  elevating my article to “headline” status on their web site at UD Commenter (and US Navy veteran), ayearningforpublius, on: “The Challenge of Design in Nature”.

I invite you to read it, and some of the comments it has generated.


Don Johnson – March 2014


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