I’ve re-published my book "I Didn’t Want to Worry You Mom … " at a substantially reduced price.

Dear family and friends,

I’ve recently reworked and re-published my book and have been able to reduce the price to about half of what the previous cost was for the larger soft cover version …  and much cheaper than the most expensive version I previously published. I am quite pleased how the new version has turned out and I hope you will consider purchasing this newer version.

The new version is smaller, but retains the color of the previous versions and in the re-formatting process I was able to increase the page count, and in many ways I prefer this version to the larger and more expensive coffee-table style.

I repeat here the description and my motivations for producing this book:

                 *   *   *   *

This book is dedicated to those many sailors who went to sea in those small and fragile, yet workhorse greyhounds of the sea  … the “tin cans” … and especially to those who gave all and remain at watch on the high seas.

The book is a compilation of images and first person accounts, providing a glimpse of what it was like living at sea, often in hostile environments – both natural for manmade – and for extended periods of time.

The book is a glimpse into the past … a look at the present … and a taste of the future.

The book serves a variety of readers:
– If you served on these ships … especially in time of war – to give you a renewed sense of patriotic contribution to a nation you love .
– If you are family of those sailors –
      A mother or father left behind …
      A grandmother or grandfather left behind …
     A wife left behind …
     A son or daughter or a grandchild who wonders…
        what did  dad or  grandpa do during the war?
        what was it like?
     A brother or sister left behind …
     A good friend left behind …
– If you are today’s sailor seeking a legacy for your service …
– If you are just the naturally curious type… curious about tough and monumental times in history – times that changed the course of history …

                 *   *   *   *

And as an added bonus, if you read the book description in the following link you will see a link to a YouTube video – click and take a look. In that video you will see a couple of segments from some documentaries produced for the Military Channel by Dan Crowell. Dan and his crew discovered the bow of the USS Murphy that sunk after being hit amidships by a large tanker back in 1942, just off the coast of New York. I’ve talked with Dan several times, and he and I will be working together in the near future to produce a more polished version of this video … so stay tuned for that as well.


Click to preview I Didn't Want to Worry You Mom ... pocket and trade book


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