300,000 Connecticut Criminals?

Un-Constitutional: 300,000 gun owners face jail time

Its hard to know how many actual unregistered gun owners there are in Connecticut –  I’ve seen estimates ranging from 100,000 to this one at 300,000.

Another number I have seen recently is that Winchester  Repeating Arms, employed as many as 20,000 in New Haven, the city  where I now live – Winchester closed in New Haven in 2006,

This Northeast part of the country –  Connecticut, Massachusetts, , New York and New Jersey was the cradle of arms manufacturing  in the US:

  • Winchester in New Haven.
  • Mossberg in New Haven.
  • Remington in Bridgeport CT.
  • Colt in Hartford CT.
  • Stag Arms in New Britain CT.
  • Springfield Armory in Springfield MA.
  •     … and more …


Notice the background in the Springfield Armory  add above – it looks like it may be the landings at Omaha Beach in Normandy in 1944.  

It seems so easy these days to turn our backs on our heritage … to turn our backs on those ancestors – the fathers and mothers – the grandmothers and grandfathers of those 20,000 workers here in New Haven and elsewhere that contributed so greatly to our national defense in places like Omaha Beach, Iwo-Jima, Inchon Korea

File:Battle of Inchon.png

Pork Chop Hill Korea, Khe Sanh Vietnam an many more.

The many workers in the factories noted above, as well as the tens of thousands of gun owners in Connecticut who have chosen an act of civil dis-obedience should be honored. They did not open fire on the school children at Sandy Hook.

To make these gun owners criminals is an egregious act of Constitutional criminality on the part of the modern state of Connecticut.

Don Johnson – March 2014


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