I Didn’t Want To Worry You Mom … (… But sometimes it got a little scary and dangerous out there.)


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To family, friends, sailors, soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Coasties and others interested in things military;

I’ve compiled this book as a tribute to the many sailors, in particular “tincan sailors”, who have gone to sea in defense of liberty.

I Didn’t Want To Worry You Mom … is a picture book about life at sea for those many sailors who went to sea in those small and fragile naval workhorses … the “tin cans.”

My vision and goal is to provide a glimpse of what it is like living at sea, often in hostile environments – both natural for man-made – and for extended periods of time.

The book is a glimpse into the past …  a look at the present … and a taste of the future, and serves a variety of readers:

  • If you served on these ships … especially in time of war – to give you a renewed sense of patriotic contribution to a nation you love .
  • If you are family of those sailors –
        –  A mother or father left behind …
        –  A grandmother or grandfather left behind …
        –  A wife left behind …
        –  A son or daughter or a grandchild left behind and wonders… what did dad or grandpa do during the war? What was it like?
        –  A brother or sister left behind …
        –  A good friend left behind …
        –  If you are today’s sailor seeking a legacy for your service …
  • If you are just the naturally curious type… curious about tough and monumental times in history – times that changed the course of history …

This is not a book on naval history … they abound and many have very good and detailed accounts of navies and naval warfare. No, this is mainly a picture book along with first-person accounts of what the pictures show – accounts from the scene by those on the scene.

My vision is to see this book on prominent display at the many very good US Navy ship museums around the country, such as the USS Midway in San Diego and Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts – and perhaps even wider distribution among the military community and general public.

I invite you to click on the book cover above and take a look at I Didn’t Want To Worry You Mom … . And if you know someone else who might be interested … please pass this on to them.

Best Regards,
Don Johnson – March 2014


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