Let Me Off the Stupid Train!

Just thought I would look back a year and see if anything has changed that would change my viewpoint. No! I’m still on the Stupid Train

A Yearning for Publius

There is a train called “Stupid.”


Help! I’m on a runaway train ride and I can’t get off. The engineer has put the locomotive on full speed with a boiler full of (borrowed) coal. And … and … and he has left the throttle station, locked the door behind him and is now lecturing his passengers, me included, on the merits of train safety.

I close my eyes and try to pretend this is not happening, but can’t help peeking out between my trembling fingers at the passing scenes.


The debt history billboard flashes by and I see the green surplus years of the Clinton/Gingrich years followed by the serious rise in deficits during the Bush 43 years. I also notice the the debt bars are getting shorter (a good thing) during the latter parts of the Bush 43 years.

Then comes Obama and a drop that reminds me of…

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