Oh – Why Don’t You Use Your Head!!

With all my arguing with the Darwinists over evolution/creation/intelligent design, it often times gets very frustrating.

However, I’ve found a huge up-side to this back and forth. I am learning some very fascinating and exciting things about nature and the wonders of creation.

Much of this marvelous new education can be centered in that very small place within my own skull (and yours) … things like eyes, ears, inner-ear balance mechanisms, brain … and the cells and DNA that are at the heart (yes, that too) of all of these machines in our skulls.

A few years ago I read an article in Scientific American titled “The Movies in Our Eyes” which talked of research indicating that our eyes have what could be categorized as having 12 movie cameras scanning and recording the visual world around us.  Each camera has a particular function and task such as; monitoring high speed motion in several directions, monitoring sudden accelerations, light sensitivity, color sensitivity and discrimination etc. etc. … .

Then just the other day I read about a similar study which ups the number from 12 to 20 distinct channels handling 20 distinct visual tasks the eye performs … and mind you, this is in the eye before the brain even gets ahold of the data. The study shows the function of two of the twenty:

“ … how the “parasol ganglion cells” are responsible for “fast, low acuity” while the “midget ganglion cells” provide “slow, high acuity.” What makes the difference? At least three factors are involved: (1) the way they are wired in parallel with the bipolar cells (between the photoreceptors and the amacrine cells), (2) the way they are wired in series with the amacrine cells (between the bipolar cells and the ganglion cells), and (3) the waveforms of the electrical output of the bipolar cells.”

In other words, one has to do mainly with processing motion, while the other has to do with the content viewed.

Part of this study indicates that the eye is engaged in a sophisticated real-time process of data compression where images are constantly compared with earlier images, with only the differences passed on to the brain for total image reconstruction.

Another study I recently read about has to do with the capability of the cell to monitor DNA looking for errors and damage. The machine that traverses the DNA strands looks for problems, and on finding one … pauses … then backs up a bit and calls in the repair crews to fix the damage. If the damage can’t be repaired, then this machine has the capability of shutting that cell down and thus limiting the overall damage. All this at the scale of a cell … now that’s small … tiny even!

There’s a beautiful DVD called Flight: The Genius of Birds which highlights a number of fascinating aspects of birds- here are a few snippets:

How Do You Build a Transparent Cornea Out of Cells and Proteins?

The Genius of Birds: Watch a Hummingbird’s Tongue in Action

To Hover, Hummingbirds Use Precision Feather Control

And I’m learning this stuff from guess where?  Primarily from the Intelligent Design web sites such as Evolution News and Views and Uncommon Descent as well as creation sites such as the Institute for Creation Research.

A site I have been monitoring for several years now …  Why Evolution is True … by the eminent Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Jerry Coyne. Coyne  seldom has anything to say about science, but plenty of vile directed against Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents as well as anyone who claims a religious faith of any stripe. Same with the books … much claimed about the mountains of irrefutable evidence for evidence, but for the most part are empty suites.

*   *   *   *

Here are some links to the things I’ve talked about above. I think you might find them interesting as well.

And while browsing through such material, you might ask yourself: which explanation is the most rational and plausible to explain the marvels of design we see all around us in nature?

“ … tiny quantum fluctuations in the very early universe became the seeds from which galaxies, stars, and ultimately human life emerged” Stephen Hawking    This is the view of origins and life that atheistic neo-Darwinian thought ultimately comes down to.

– or –

“In the Beginning God created the heavens and the Earth”  This is the view that recognizes designs seen and experienced in nature as exactly that – designs with specific purposes.


Don Johnson – January 2014


4 responses to “Oh – Why Don’t You Use Your Head!!

  1. And god game from where exactly? You can’t explain the existence of a microchip by invoking a supercomputer without running into obvious fallacies. Yes nature is wonderful and amazing, but it is not nearly as mysterious as your creationist websites claim. And the intermediate evolutionary forms showing how organs like eyes evolved are often still present in various organisms to this day, like so:

    Google eye evolution, lung evolution, heart evolution, etc and do some reading. You will probably find the articles these people are plagiarizing and tacking “so god exists” on the end.

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