The Enormity of the Lies

Lies: Yes politicians lie, we all know that … and mostly we tolerate these lies based on our own political rose colored glasses.

Lies: Many of the lies politicians tell are lies about the other guy … the other party … lies spoken to gain the political advantage.

Lies: Many if not most political lies are of the abstract variety and are hard to assign a personal account of harm to them.

But I am sitting here trying to get my mind around the lies of our current president – Barak Hussein Obama.  And I am struck by the enormity of these lies when I ponder over how they translate to individual citizens … our families … our neighbors … our co-workers.

The particular lies I speak of are “… if you like your health care plan you can keep it. Period.” and “ … if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period.”

Those who keep track of such things tell me that Obama has spoken these promises some 23 times … twenty three times.

Then we are finding out that to date — 5.6 million plans have been cancelled (my wife and I received such a notice on October 2, 2013)

So this promise, to put it on a personal level,was spoken to 23 x 5.6 million policy holders. 23 x 5.6 million is  128,800,000 broken promises spoken from the mouth  of one man128,800,000 broken promises spoken from the mouth  of one man … to 128,800,000 individuals such as you and me.

And … and … and …  there are more shoes to drop in the next few years as companies large and small will be facing cancellations of their employee policies. Cancellations potentially on a massive scale.

This bleak picture does not even address the effect ObamaCare has already had on small business workers who have seen their work week cut down from what used to be the standard 40 hours to 39 hours or less – because of the “Affordable Care Act”. And does not speak of small business owners who will not grow their business because of the costs associated with complying with the new law.  To these people, workers and employers alike, this is not an “affordable” proposition.

I’ve read a comment on a recent article about the failed rollout of the web site:

” … At this point, I’d suggest that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sue the Canadian firm that stole our money for a failed website … “

My response is this:

In a slightly less corrupt government this would be possible, but in a basically honest government this would be impossible because Barack Obama, Kathleen Sibelius, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many others would be serving lifetime prison sentences with no possibility of parole … or even appeal. Then a basically honest government would go after the multitudes of corrupt Civil Servants in HHS and IRS … fire them, imprison them as well … and then shut down HSS.
I suspect the Canadian firm didn’t get much profit on this deal, most went to US Government agencies and strap hangers.

Don Johnson – December 2013


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