Breaking A Bad Habit

For about a year and a half I have been subscribing to the blog of Atheist Evolutionary Biologist Professor Jerry Coyne. Coyne is a professor at the University of Chicago, and is quite influential in pushing his atheistic world-view.

But after following his blog for close to a year and a half I think I’m done with him and have unsubscribed from his blog.

I don’t scrutinize his every every post and thought, but I do (have) scanned through enough of them to conclude that Coyne has given up on science and is devoting his time and energies to the promotion of atheism.   

I seldom see anything of interest on his site, or anything interesting or exciting in a scientific or the  natural world vein. His posts are predominantly a continual bashing of  intelligent design, the Discovery Institute and anything smacking of creationism.

Lately he has been on a tear attacking religion … and using a very broad brush full of tar sweeping it across any and all stripes of religion.

And, I never learn anything from this man.

So I’m done … except when I find his is up to some mischief in his attempts to secularize all of society – then I will speak up again.

Of much more interest, and intellectually challenging to me are the sites associated with intelligent design such as:

 Discovery Institute

Evolution News & Views

Uncommon Descent – Serving the Intelligent Design Community


The Institute for Creation Research

Don Johnson – November 2013


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