The Smartest Man in the World and the Decline of America

I see little reason to doubt that America is in decline. And I see little reason to doubt that the primary reason for this decline is one thing.

Barack Hussein Obama believes himself to be the smartest man in the world … No let me rephrase that;

Barack Obama, unremittingly, endlessly, and relentlessly believes himself to be the smartest man in the world.

I’m sure many of us have suffered through dealing with our own personal version of the “smartest man in the world”, whether it be at work, school, family, church or wherever. This smartest man knows everything and has no need for the ideas or opinions of the rest of us. He has it all, knows it all, and will tell you all … to the point of constant frustration.

When this Smartest Man is elevated to national leadership, this brings serious problems to individuals, to nations, and often to the whole world. For you see, it is an attitude of dictatorship that seeks to impose the views and beliefs, indeed the will, of that one man on to all of society.

History is full of such men – from the Caesars of Rome, to the despotic kings and queens, to the modern day dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. They all have the same mind set; I’m in charge … now sit down and shut up … or I will sit you down and shut you up!

Barack Obama, in his world view, is little different as demonstrated frequently during his presidency. The main difference between Obama and the dictators of old, and what is constraining him in imposing his will, is the inertia of liberty that is built into the American fabric in the form of our traditions, our history, and our founding documents; the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Most Americans take pride, indeed ownership, in this inertia …this tradition of individual liberty and opportunity. The opportunity to succeed and make the best life possible for ourselves, our families, our communities and our businesses.

But the Smartest Man in the World seeks to take that away from the individual, from the community and from the states. He strives to gather all power to himself and to those in his party of power.

We have seen this vividly in the style of Barack Obama as he has sought to attack success in the private economy of the United Sates and gather that power into the federal government in the form of excessive regulations, the expansion and power of unelected and unaccountable bureaucracies and “czars” and in the measured destruction of the American free enterprise economic system.

And now with the so called government shutdown, we see attacks on a different and personal level; attacks against the very things that ordinary Americans take much pride in. Attacks which close down access to that which highlights our national pride and accomplishments. The closing off of the monuments on the national mall in Washington DC; the World War II memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and others. The closing of our national parks, and even the closing of scenic view points along such places as the Blue Ridge Parkway, and from what I read, viewpoints of Mount Rushmore, and Mt. Rushmore itself.

We hear of the forced closing of private businesses operating on land leased from the federal government. We hear of the eviction of long term residents living on leased federal land along Lake Meade in Nevada … evictions with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

We hear of the closing of a key office within the Federal Aviation agency which means you can’t do a title search when buying or selling private aircraft; effectively shutting down that industry.

We hear of the threat of arrest for civilian Catholic priests, contracted by the military, if they perform any religious activities such as baptism, marriages, or even Mass, on any military base.

This man, this Smartest Man in the World, Barack Obama, says of the Republican congress “We can’t make extortion routine as part of our democracy …” Well then, what in the hell is he doing with the American public if not extorting them in pressuring Congress to bend to his will? And, in that quote above, he betrays once again his distain of our republican form of government, not democratic, in which we do have three branches of federal government which must negotiate with one another in order to accomplish the nation’s business, and yet prevent excessive accumulation of power in any of those branches.

No, the Smartest Man in the World is not interested in a republican form of government, but has demonstrated in word and deed – for more than four years, his strong inclination for a dictatorial style of governance. A style of accumulation of power to himself and his own, and the demonization and destruction of opposition.

Don Johnson – October 2013



2 responses to “The Smartest Man in the World and the Decline of America

  1. I see Obama as a middle of the road Republican, in the style of Eisenhower. If there was a Smartest Man in the World recently, the way you describe here, it was our Shadow President Dick Cheney. Obama is nowhere near as bad as you describe.

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