Silly Bird … Don’t Eat Your Perch

We’re sitting here this morning watching the boob tube when it finally happened – we knew it would happen, just a matter of time.


The parrot has been chewing on his perch for weeks now, never thinking of the consequences … never occurs to the creature that it was destroying the very thing giving him stability in the crazy chaotic world of the caged parrot.

Bang Ding OW … the perch’s last strands unravel and the poor thing crashes to the depths of his world. Confused, the bird blames the catastrophe on his imaginary friend We To Lo, and is thus absolved of any responsibility for the destruction.

I myself was momentarily confused as well, and thought I was watching President Obama twist and turn while explaining away the latest NSA revelations.



But who am I to say? How silly of me, Wi Tu Lo,  to think that a steady chewing away at the foundational ‘perches’ of a nation will result in a Bang Ding OW crash of feathers and chaos.

Don Johnson  — August 2013


2 responses to “Silly Bird … Don’t Eat Your Perch

  1. Priceless, Don, just priceless and so true on so may levels of the stupid stuff us humans do!
    Much love to you & Di.

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