History Shows That a Power Vacuum Will Always be Filled

We are seeing this played out all across the Muslim world from Pakistan to the North West coast of Africa.
We are seeing the beginning of such a filling in out own country, as more and more Americans retreat from our founding Biblical and Constitutional principles and abdicate to bigger and more tyrannical government.

A Yearning for Publius

History shows us that when presented with a power vacuum: there will arise a force; a personality or a world view, that will rise to the occasion and try to fill that void. History also shows the force will be sinister. A force that will take away your liberty, your property, your happiness, and ultimately your life. I have seen this in my own lifetime, in the form of Communism, and have second generation knowledge of the scourge of Fascism in Nazi Germany, Italy, and the Imperial designs of the Japanese empire.

We’ve seen the pattern throughout history, with the empires, monarchies and savagery of forces seeking to conquer their know world. They all try. They all seek the ultimate in power. They all fail, but leave behind them a devastation that the common folk has to deal with until the next tyrant comes along.

Then in the late…

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