An Amazing Convergence?

Is it real? Or just a flash in the pan … a shooting star that flashes by on the horizon for a brief instant and then is forgotten? A figment of my imagination?

Rush Limbaugh … Bono … Glenn Beck … Oliver Stone … Ashton Kutcher  … George W. Bush … Steve Jobs … Barack Obama … Mark Levin … the New York Times … Bill & Hillary Clinton … the Federal workforce …  the rodeo clown … Don Johnson

What do I see in common among these people in recent days you ask?

Let’s start with me … Don Johnson. The son of an immigrant TV Repairman from Butte Montana.

I’ve started a new essay titled 3 Battles: The Fight for America in which I identify three key battles :

  • Creation vs. Atheistic Darwinism  The battle for truth.
  •  American Exceptionalism vs. Howard Zinn The battle for worth.
  • Free Market Capitalism vs. Socialism The battle for blessing.

You’ll have to wait for my conclusions, but my thinking along these lines has been given a blow up-side the head at what I’m seeing (besides stars) and I’m amazed!  The names are from a wide spectrum … left/right, liberal/conservative, media and musical superstars, business, politics.

We see Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck  heaping praise on Bono and Ashton Kutcher , who stars in the new movie Jobs, about Steve Jobs of Apple.

We see Bono heaping praise on George W. Bush and capitalism.

We see Oliver Stone calling Barack Obama a snake.

We see the New York Times digging deep into the apparently corrupt Clinton Foundation.

We see 97% of the Federal workforce rejecting ObamaCare.

We see the mocking of Barack Obama by a rodeo clown.

So why do I see all this as a convergence, and why does it give me a much needed sense of optimism?

I see in all this that at least some of the agenda setters, the movers and shakers of American culture and politics, get it. They see and are speaking out in defense of American Exceptionalism, American capitalism and the American Republic itself.

I see in all this an awakening, and a rejection of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America. A rejection that may trigger a return to the first principles of the American republic. A return to a constitutional republic led by such patriots and thinkers as Mark Levin and his writings in Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto , Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America , and his new book   The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.

I see hope that at least some of the main stream media will awaken, as perhaps the New York Times has in its Clinton reporting, and unavoidably show itself and the sleeping American public the dangers they have chosen not to see.

Let’s hope the shooting star gains a permanent orbit high above America.

Don Johnson – August 2013


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